Star Wars: A Classic Spanning Generations

I just love Star Wars — and so does the whole family!!!! We have the complete set of 6 movies but every Sunday since latter part of December, as these were shown on TV one part after another, we would gather in the bedroom and watch from start to finish. Our boys especially, who have watched this series backward and forward and every which way, would analyze dialogue and connect characters from one part to another part. Frankly, I would sometimes get lost in the family trees but our son Ian would give me the 411 on each and every main character.

There is just something about this 6-part movie series that keeps us glued to the TV set. Reminds me of the Sound of Music which I must have seen over 2 dozen times, so much so that I can sing the songs by heart.

We discuss the plot, analyze the technology behind the light sabers and gunbattles, marvel at the variety of aliens depicted as well as the costumes, and get completely absorbed in the whole movie.

I am not much of a TV person but sci-fi ones like Star Wars get my attention. About one of the few TV series I chased with similar passion was Star Trek. We followed episode after episode most especially the Enterprise’s encounters with the Borg. In a way, I was both relieved and sad when the episodes came to an end and the Enterprise was able to return to Earth.

Will there be a new Star Wars-like series that will crop up in the future to once again hold generations of families enthralled and enmeshed in its intricate plots? I sure hope so….

Of such classics, I can only say “Resistance is futile!” (A popular Borg statement in the series Star Trek)

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