My Series of Unfortunate Events

I could not think of a better title to describe my day yesterday.

We were invited to attend a wedding at Alabang. We had decided to skip the church event and just proceed to the reception around 4pm.

We left the house about 3pm (that was the first thing we did wrong, considering this was a Saturday). We took the shortcut to Paranaque via C5.  Next mistake!!! At the junction of Shaw and C5, we got caught up in bumper-to-bumper traffic that eased somewhat near Makati and became congested again as we came out into So. Superhighway.

We missed the Alabang temporary exit as we were looking for the Filinvest one (only to find out that due to road construction, it was CLOSED!).  So we had to drive further till we got to the Susana Heights exit, paid the toll, only to make a U-turn as soon as we got out of the toll booth.  We then re-entered the highway to look for the nearest exit to get into Filinvest City.

Murphy’s Law — there was a fork in the exit (1 for Filinvest; the other for Alabang).  By some twist, we were on the Alabang exit side and could not shift to the other lane. Ended up in Alabang (but this was route to Alabang-Zapote Rd. where all the jeeps and buses passed and as expected, it was super congested!)

Aaaagh! At this time, I had lost interest in making it to the wedding reception but tried to make the most of the situation.

We finally parked at Alabang Town Center. By this time, we were an hour late. To be sure, hubby parked in the church grounds and we just walked across to the mall side to look for the resto. It took us a while to find it. We took some wrong turns around the mall and backtracked till we finally got to the venue.

But…seeing as we were so terribly late, the wedding reception was well into dinner and we were at the end of a long line of hungry people. By the time we got to the food, it was almost gone. Oh well, at least we still had ample helpings of dessert and fruits….

And, as there was no space among the tables for the guests, we ended up sitting in the table reserved for the ninongs. And we got to chat with one of the ninongs who happened to be our former officemate (and baptism ninong of our daughter, too!).

At the end of a tiring day, it was not so bad after all. We enjoyed the company of old friends and forgot all about our “lost in the city” adventure.

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