A Kefir Smoothie

It’s not easy to introduce my kids to new foodstuff.

Looks and smell have something to do with it.

If it doesn’t look good — forget it; if it does not pass their olfactory (smell) standards, chuck it too.

So, when I was introduced to the health benefits of kefir, I wracked my brains as to how to get them to drink this. First of all, plain kefir is not exactly akin to the commercial yogurt or Yakult we are used to. It is sourish and has a smell that needs getting used to. The light greenish color of kefir does not help either (if only I could pour in yellow or red food coloring…but THAT would be UNHEALTHY, right?)

Then I came across an internet article that suggested blending in fruits with kefir. The only no-no about choice of fruits was that it should NOT BE CITRIC. So no oranges, lemons, calamansi, dalandan…(you get the point…)

I have tried banana, mango and honeydew melon (mango is THE popular choice hands down!). I fill the blender more than halfway with kefir juice, then put in slices of fruit, blend them all into a smoothie, add ice and voila! KEFIR SMOOTHIE READY TO GO!

Not only do the kids drink them willingly, some of them even ask for it when they come home! It is actually a very refreshing drink when drank after chilling in the ref.

As summer comes in and more fruits come into season, it would be interesting to try papaya, watermelon, avocado, maybe even durian!

I will be researching other recipes using not just the juice but also the kefir grains as ingredients. Till next kefir post!

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53 thoughts on “A Kefir Smoothie

  1. Hi Jane!
    Your smoothie sounds delicious.
    By any chance do you know where I cane find kefir culture so I can start making it? I recently started buying it in the natural foods dept at $2.99 per 32oz…OUCH!! My Kids Love it but I can’t see paying $6-$9 daily for the whole Family.
    My email is m.krecklau@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate any info on where I can find it..Thanks


    Hello Melissa!

    Firstly, my sources of kefir culture will be useless to you since you live on the opposite side of the world. But you can probably search the web for sources nearer you. Buy the fresh, wet culture, not the dried culture. That way, you can propagate it yourself at home rather than continue to buy the culture. In my case, I just got one fresh culture and propagated so much kefir from it that I still have the “children” of that culture and have given many more away.

    Making kefir this way is inexpensive. Your future expenses will just be the liquid milk you mix into it for propagation as well as any fruits you add to it to make smoothies. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your reply. I didn’t realize we lived so far apart. Are there people that sell the kefir culture? I thought I had read somewhere it can only be given to someone.
    My husband has suffered from acid reflux for years and just after a few quarts of kefir he has had no signs of the reflux.
    Are you in the Philippines? I am just curious as to how much the Pilippinos really consume coconut & it’s oil. I have started using the oil & I feel better than I ever have. Most websites or coconut distributors advocate the wide use in the philippines. If you have any thoughts or opinions on the benefits of coconut oil, I would like to hear them. I gained 30 lbs after a surgery this Jan & since useing the oil 3 tbsp a day (for the last 8 weeks) I have lost 15 lbs & my skin & hair feels great.
    Thanks again for writting

    Jane: Hello again, Melissa.

    Yes, I am in the Philippines. Kefir culture here is not sold but given away free. At least that is the practice I have seen. We believe that this is a blessing to give away to benefit other people. It propagates by itself so there is really no reason to make money out of it. But what I see there in the US is the dried kefir culture. Maybe it goes through a process which costs money. Which is probably why it is sold rather than given away. I am glad your husband’s acid reflux has been cured by the kefir. If you can acquire the wet type of kefir which propagates with milk, even if you have to pay for the initial batch, maybe you can make it grow and get a steady supply of kefir at no additional cost.

    The Philippines is rich in coconuts and the price of virgin coconut oil is affordable, compared probably to its price over there. Coconut is known as the miracle crop. From the husk to the meat to the juice, many food, medicinal, beauty, decorative and home decor products can be produced from it. Sometimes we take it for granted as there is such an abundance of it here. But when I hear stories like yours, it makes me appreciate what we have even more. Thank you so much!

  3. hello jane,

    Good day to you and your loved once. Truly you have been blessed to have kefir grains.

    I am really desperate for Kefir, I have been drinking it for 3 months and my gastritis was really relieved. My mom drinks it too and she noticed that her osteo arthritis causes less pain already and her constipation was relieved. We have been buying Kefir milk from our supplier at P180.00 per liter. But unfortunately, she has stopped supplying us and my friends because the demand for Kefir grains has escalated and she sells them at a much higher price.

    Business has been good to her but not to us. I hope really that you could share us your Kefir grains for our own personal consumption. Having Kefir grain is a blessing and I hope you share your blessing to us.

    I really hope to hear from you soon.


  4. hi! would like to inquire where I could get Kefir Grains… used to have for my dad but lost it… Would need it to help my moms health. Thanks Im from manila…

    Jane: Ana, I responded to you via your email address.

  5. Hi! Where can I get kefir grains here in Manila? My family have been drinking it and have noticed the fast incredible healing effect it provided. I understand clinette’s sentiments about the price of kefir drinks. Honestly, why should kefir be for sale? Why not simply share kefir grains for everybody to enjoy its benefits? I always thought suppliers should give kefir grains to orphanages, homes for the aged, government hospitals, poor barangays and teach how to culture them.
    I would like to culture my own kefir grains but can not possibly think of selling them to another person (especially someone who is ill); give freely.

    Look forward to your reply.
    Many thanks.

  6. Hello! I am from QC. I am looking for Kefir grains. My family has just started taking it. But we can’t afford 380 a bottle every 2 or 3 days. I wish to have a steady supply of kefir, especially for my daughter who has hormonal imbalance. I don’t know if kefir would help her ,but still, I want my family to enjoy the health benefits of this superfood. Thank you very much.

  7. hi jane… i am from QC and i would like to try kefir for my high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides… please email me where i can get kefir grains here in manila… i will try to make some for me and give some to two persons i know, one suffering from gas pains and irritable bowel syndrome, and another from lupus- both of which have not been helped much by conventional medication (lots of it, actually) prescribed by doctors and taken religiously… if i make more than i need, then, i will give them away too to keep it, this random kindness you started, going… thank you so much…

    @Sue-I will email you this week as there are 2 others who wanted to meet up to get grains. I have been under the weather but will try this weekend to meet you all. I would be very happy if it helps you & your friends. Let’s pay it forward. God bless you.

  8. hello! i had kefir before, but my grains got infected with mold. i was wondering if anyone is willing to share a little bit so i can start again. thanks!

    @Sherwin – I am willing to give you a batch if you are willing to get it from me. Please use the “Contact Me” tab on this blog to send me an email.

  9. Hi Jane!
    I just recently found out about the benefits of Kefir and I am interested in acquiring kefir grains. Can you e-mail me the details about it? I found i supplier but she sells it for 380 php T.T hehe looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  10. Hi Jane!

    Your smoothie recipe sounds great! Where do your get your kefir? I’d like to try this, given its numerous benefits.

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  11. Hi,

    For those of you who are interested to get grains, please sms me at 09185661145.


    @Tet – I hope that you are giving your grains away for free as that is my advocacy as well with friends. The good news of kefir grains is something we can spread so more people become healthy. Someone shared this free kefir-sharing site with me as well http://kefir2share.multiply.com/.

  12. Hi Jane!

    Can you please share me your Kefir grain? I am a diabetic and already suffering from various complecations. I would like to try kefir and heard of its numerous benefits. Thanks and God Bless.

    @Ms. Malou – Will communicate with you via email for possible pick-up point.

  13. I have heared Kefir but though it just a yogurt drink. You say it should be free but how come. How can the manufacture earn. Anyway could it help my aunt that has a Gerd disease? and those who have high blood o elevated cholesterol level?. If this for free i like to know how….. Thank very much

    Eric Robles

    @Eric – Natural kefir grains can be cultured at home by you or your aunt and the only cost to you will be the little amount of milk you add to it as part of the culturing process plus the paraphernalia which are affordable. If you are willing to pick up kefir grains from an office in Pasay City, I will gladly give you some. I cannot judge why kefir grains are being sold instead of being given away free. But most of those sold are either in drink form or freeze-dried so the cost being charged is probably due to the additional processes needed to produce them in the form in which they are sold. Nevertheless, there are kefir grains that can be cultured by yourself at home, which is the kind I have.

    • Hi Eric, im really interested to have the kefir grains and willing to share to others too.I hope u can give me.my number is 09178652369/ 09282197185 many thanks

      • Hi Eric

        I am also interested to get kefir grain. Please text me ur exact address where to pick it up. My cp is 09193373333; 09228683280

  14. Hi Ms. Jane,

    Can you please share me your kefir grain? My mom is diabetic, while I, on the other hand have a very weak immune system. I have read a lot about its benefits and would like to try it.

    Thank you

    @Chx – Hi. Sure, I’m willing to share my grains but are you willing to pick it up from a place in Pasay City (during office hours/days)? Just let me know…


  15. Hi Jane… Im so much interested with the kefir grains since I started to cultured it and failed only to find out it wasn’t the real grains. I am desperate to have it for i want to help my family members suffering from astma, weak immunity, cancer and diabetes. They said it has to be given or shared and not to be sold and I’m having a hard time finding someone who is willing to give me the grains. I live in Q.C, New manila,, you will not regret helping me. Hope to hear from you. Thanks and God bless you!

    @Joel – I am trying to make arrangements for you to pick up the grains from somewhere in QC. Will email you privately.

  16. Here’s some answers to a few questions asked here:

    Where can I get kefir grains?

    This international site may help you –


    If it is given away, how can companies make a profit?

    Kefir in health food stores is not made from Kefir grains and is very limited in it’s probiotic qualities. In my admittedly limited knowledge, I don’t know of anyone selling kefir made from kefir grains, but this may exist on a small scale locally. (a potentially interesting small business?)

    If you want an absolutely comprehensive introduction to kefir and all it’s properties, try this site.


    @Happy Mind – Thanks for your information. I am not sure though of your statement that kefir in health stores are “not made from kefir grains”. It’s possible it has already gone through a process to preserve it in liquid or freeze-dried form. Personally, I have been giving away kefir grains FOR FREE to whoever wants and is willing to pick it up from an agreed place. However, I am currently limited to doing this in the Metro Manila (Philippines) area.

  17. Would I be able to ask for grains from you please? I’m at megamall everyday.

    @Jane – I can give you kefir grains but will you be able to pick it up somewhere along Ortigas Ave. near North Greenhills? I can have someone meet you there.

    • Yes, please I am willing to pick it up anywhere in Ortigas. It’s a stone’s throw away from where I am. Please email me when and where exactly I should go to meet this person.


  18. hi, what’s the ratio of your mango to Kefir to make the smoothie really taste good for the kiddies? Im having a hard time getting my teens take Kefir.

    @Connie – Hi there. I put half liquid kefir, half fresh fruits in a blender. Add crushed ice. Blend well, Then sweeten to taste (use honey or sugar). Use fruits which are not citric (like oranges). I’ve used banana and mango. I will try avocado sometime this week.

  19. Hi Jane,

    I’m Linda. I would like to request from you some kefir grains also. I read about its health benefits. Please, Jane. Just let me know where to pick them up. Thank you so much.

  20. Hello, I am a breast cancer survivor for 2 years now, no operation… no chemo. I am so grateful to God to have survived and the herbals I;ve been taking have been His instruments. I’ve been drinking kefir for 16 days now and I bought it for 790 pesos for 1 liter. Kindly help me to have a kefir grains so that I could share it to others. You can contact me at 09228654731. Thanks looking forward to hear from you


  21. dear jane,

    my brother who lives in italy was on the phone a while ago and he was telling me of the benefits of kefir. he has kefir grains he received from a russian friend and kefir intake has become a daily staple. he said there must be a way for me to get my own here at home. at 43, i am suffering from a kidney condition with hypertension on the side. my initial google research yielded some info that kefir is good for both. although i live in binan, laguna, i can easily make a trip to manila if you could spare me some kefir grains. i am thankfully amazed we Pinoys continue to be generous to share freely what God has freely given us yet in any case that my request would cost you anything, please let me know. needless to say, i shall pass this good deed on to my family and neighbors if i succeed in multipying the grains. may God reward you richly in more ways than one.


    @Mimo – I emailed you privately already.

  22. hello po!
    magandang araw!
    gusto ko po sana humingi ng kefir grains ninyo..
    i’m a student po and i decided to start taking care of my health now..
    can you share with me your kefir grains po?
    i promise to take good care of it and share it to those in need
    : )

    God bless po sa inyo ang more power!

    lovingly yours,

  23. hello im cathy from cagayan de oro city, can i have a share of your grains? im in need of it for my family…read about it and its miracles and i wanna try it for my family sana….

    tnx… my cell is 09214178727 or email me.. tnx po

    @Cathy – Unfortunately, I am unable to send kefir grains via courier to you because liquids/semi liquids are not acceptable. I hope someone from CDO who has live kefir grains can read this and maybe help you out.

  24. hi! i just recently heard about kefir and i’m also interested in having kefir grains. i live in QC and i can pick it up wherever it is convenient for you. my email address is nikkamunion@gmail.com. i can tell you my cellphone number once i receive your email. thank you very much!

    @Nikka – Will email you.

  25. Hi!
    I don’t know if you are the same Jane who is also giving out kefir on the other website. I would like to ask for some starter sample for family consumption. I also live in Pasay City, near the Terminal 3 Airport. My e-mail is enzymboy@yahoo.com.
    Thanks in advance…

    @Adrian – I am not sure which site you are referring to but I do maintain other blogs so you may have read about it there. I will email you re pickup arrangements for the grains but as I cannot divide my grains too much for now (there are others ahead of you asking too), I have to schedule on first-come, first serve basis. Kefir also needs time to multiply before it can be divided. Thanks for writing.

  26. Dear Jane,

    Hope all is well with you. I am father of a 5-yr old boy who has autism. I have read in the other websites that coconut kefir can be an effective option in treating autism. Please could you share to me the kefir for my son. My email address is pjmvill@gmail.com. Please contact me at your most convenient time. Many thanks and more power to you.



    @John – Thank you so much for writing. I would love to give you kefir grains. However, at the moment, due to frequent straining, my grains need to rest a bit to regain its “potency”. I am waiting till I can divide up my grains to give to people, including you. Rest assured I will contact you once I am able to send some. I don’t know what coconut kefir is. Are you referring to a gluten-free diet?

  27. Jane, many thanks for the reply. Yes I am referring to a gluten-free diet for my autistic son. I am desperately looking for alternative remedies for my son to possibly recover from this disorder. I hope you will contact me soon. Thanks once again.

    @John – I emailed you already.

  28. Hello Ms. Jane,

    Are you still giving away Kefir grains for free? If you are, I’m willing to meet up anywhere in Metro Manila 🙂 I’m from qc by the way and I work in Buendia, Makati :).

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Hi. Can anybody help me get water and milk kefir? i’d like to try it out to my niece and nephew suffering from autism. i live in san juan, manila. thanks.

  30. Hello! I just came from Legazpi Sunday Market and tasted keffir. I have diabetes since I was 18 (I’m now 21) and I want to live longer so I want to try out the benefits 🙂 How can I get keffir grains from you? I live in Malabon so I can probably go anywhere in NCR. Here’s my mobile number 09228151183. I’m bookmarking this page to check it for replies, thanks!!

  31. hi … would it be possible to check with you how i can acquire some kefir grains, im willing to pay for them 🙂 thanks!

  32. Hi
    I would like to avail of your keffir grains. I have been looking for this for quite sometime. I am very much willing to pick it up anywhere. My daughter is undergoing treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma and Keffire can really help boost her immune system. I hope to hear from you soon. More power to you and God Bless.

  33. Hi!
    I’m probably the millionth person to ask you this but I am also looking for kefir. I live in Quezon City. Where can I find it here? If you live in the metro, may I get some from you? And in case, how much would they cost? You mentioned here somewhere that it’s given for free as a blessing. That would me much appreciated. And at the same time, any form of energy exchange from me would be fitting. If you don’t accept payments, would you accept a counter-gift of…maybe…some delicious and healthy hummus made from raw ingredients?

    I’d greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you 🙂

  34. Hi Jane. Would you kindly share your grains with me? I would like to have my husband try this. You see, he’s on 3x/week dialysis and his immunity is greatly compromised by his diabetes, 2 heart bypasses, GERD, pacemaker, the works. Suffice it to say that I can no longer afford the ready made kefir drink sold at the Legazpi Sunday Market. I can pick up the grains anywhere convenient to you. I promise to share this when I am able to propagate enough and, you’re right, a chance to pay it forward. Thank you–you’re such a blessing!

  35. hi Jane.
    I have a son diagnosed with mild autism. I’m doing cfgf for him at the same time doing some alternative/herbal meds for his recovery. and he’s quite doing well.

    anyway, i’ve learned that kefir grains can do help a lot for autism especially when mixed with young coconut water. Do you still have kefir grains? can I ask some (‘hope it’s still free) or buy from you?

    thank you and may God bless you more!

  36. Hi jane, im suffering from low hgb count and all of its effect,my husband too is having health issues,trying everything to recover and get back to track can i request to have some kefir grains…willappreciate it so much. God bless!

  37. Good day jane,
    I have a loved one with arachnoid cyst. He always gets dizzy spells and nausea. May I request if I can have some kefir grains for him to try. I want him to live a normal life. Thank you so much for your help.God bless us all. My email address is lilydee0712@gmail.com

    • Hello, Lily. I do not have kefir grains to share now but I maintain a Facebook page, Manila Kefir Sharing (https://www.facebook.com/ManilaKefirSharing/) where people needing grains and people willing to donate grains for free can communicate. Please find the thread for requesting kefir grains and post your need there, including your location. Hopefully, would-be donors near your location can contact you directly. God bless too!

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