School’s Out!

Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….yehey!!!!

Cara is just practicing for grad. Mark finished his finals 2 days ago. And today Ian took his last 2 tests.

So, no more getting up early in the morning for them. No more homework to follow up. No more circulars and quiz notebooks to sign. No more lunch kits, allowances and baon. No more school meetings to attend.

Ahhhh…..what nice thoughts!

HOLD THOSE THOUGHTS!!! When everyone is home, they jockey for time on the PS2, the computer and the TV. And I get called on to play referee when they start to argue. And with so much time on their hands, I get to hear “I AM BORED!” so often, it will start coming out of my ears! And I am likely to play host to loads of friends coming over to play on the internet AND eat lunch/dinner here…


But come to think about it…by focusing on the fact that this phase in their lives will never repeat itself, I can just sit back and enjoy these moments as best I can while I still have them with me. I won’t be able to turn back the hands of time. I already miss their baby years. Down the road, I will also miss their teen years.

So, this will be a summer for making more memories. And I will try to live IN THE MOMENT and savor every moment with my kids…..


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