Kefir — Loads of Good Bacteria

It has been a while since I blogged about kefir so I thought it was good to talk about it again. Are you asking: What is kefir? That was my very first question when my friend asked if I wanted some.

In my very first post on kefir, I recounted how Vera gave me my very first culture — rich in good bacteria for the digestive tract. I learned how easy it was to make my own kefir using simple, everyday paraphernalia.

Since February 2007, I have been culturing my own kefir at home and everyone in the family drinks the liquid. When kefir has multiplied in mass to more than what you need for your family, you can either eat some of the solid flora as is, incorporate them into food you can make with kefir as an ingredient, or divide them into more batches to give away to friends. Leftover kefir stuck to the coffee filter can be scraped and used as a great facial mask.

For my kids who do not care for kefir’s sourish taste when taken pure, I have learned how to make them into kefir smoothies. So far, I have used bananas, mangoes, honeydew melons, watermelons, and just today — avocados. My youngest boy who used to be a heavy Yakult drinker has now shifted to kefir. Even our household help are able to drink these because it is so cheap to maintain and propagate.

A friend who is a cancer survivor relates how her doctor (who practices natural healing approaches) prescribed kefir to her and she has been taking it now for over 2 years.  If you want to know more about kefir and its benefits, information is readily available on the web. So far, from what I know about it, it helps:

– normalize the intestinal tract (good if you have diarrhea or constipation);

– lower high blood pressure

– strengthen one’s immunity system

– reduce the effects of acne (when applied directly on the face), tighten pores, and moisturize the face

There are supposedly many, many more benefits. I still have to do more research on this and reserve it for a later post, including some recipes that use kefir.

With kefir in our family, here’s to a healthier life for us all!

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18 thoughts on “Kefir — Loads of Good Bacteria

  1. i need kefir for my kids and parents……where can i find it here in philippines, i believe that it can help, i dont really use antibiotics everytime my kids were sicked, i don’t even buy them even the doctors prescribed it co’z i know that there are some bad effects so i try to lessen or avoid taking antibiotics …..kefir can help….pls, help!

    Jane: Raine, let me know via my “Contact Me” form on the upper portion of my blog site and let me know where your location is. If in Metro Manila, exactly where. I will try to find someone who can provide you a free culture though you will need to get the other paraphernalia (I have another post on the types of paraphernalia, with photo).

  2. im just looking for some coz my uncle introduced that kefir can help and some individual from manila give it for free……im a single mom with two kids i dont have enough income for them to give a better and healthier life so im looking that can boost their immune system and lessen sickness coz my youngest has asthma and the other one is diagnosed with seizure…..cause i’ve read that kefir can also help to “cure” or its better for kids with ADHD…….so, im really looking forward you could help me, where can i find kefir?…pls email me at

    thank you very much!
    and more power!

    Jane: Kefir does not claim to cure. But I have read that it boosts the immune system. All my kids passed through asthma so I know how it is for you. Read all my posts about kefir so that you can prepare it the right way and even make it taste yummy so that they will be willing to drink it. Just to let you know. My youngest son who used to drink Yakult every day has stopped drinking it and instead looks for kefir. I have saved having to buy Yakult and instead spend less to prepare kefir. Mixing it with some blended fruits will help.

  3. Mike, at sells top quality kefir grains at a low price. I bought my grains from him thru his eBay store, also called bacteriapimp, and I make kefir several times a week. It helps tremendously in controlling my MRSA staph symptoms. Any questions, just email me at I never took any antibiotics, I just built up my immune system by becoming a vegetarian and using kefir.

    Jane: Hi Caroline! Thank you for the link. I am happy to note you are responding well to kefir. I am not anywhere close to becoming a vegetarian but my meat intake has definitely changed (more like lessened) and replaced by more fruits and veggies.

  4. I love my kefir mixed in with my oatmeal and a dozen other things. It’s my understanding that the latest info on good bacteria is that we are underestimating the amounts of this that we need in our bodies. Consuming several billions of active bacteria cells are extremely benificial is what I’ve heard. Is there any info as to what the bacteria count is in kefir?

  5. i’ve read all the responses about kefir and it’s very interesting. where can i get a kefir grain? i’ve been trying to loose weight but nothing happens.

  6. Hello jane,
    I am still waiting for your reply about where can I get kefir grains so I can make my own. I am a cancer survivor for 6 years now and I bought Kefir power at a discounted price but still not easy on my budget..the best way is to culture my own..can you help me? I live in pasay..please reply..thanks and more power to you..


  7. Been trying to look for information about kefir and I stumbled upon your blog. I am interested in being healthy and fit that’s why I got so curious about it. I’ll try to ask when I get to see you in one of the blog events. 😀

    @Ed – If you want to try, I can give you starter kefir grains next time we meet.

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  9. Hello,
    I would like to get some good quality kefir duly packed for my grand child’s use.I would like some one to suggest the source or its availability in Baroda,India.

    @Pushpakaran – Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, I am based in the Philippines and there is no way for me to send this to you in India. I hope you can find a source for kefir over there.

  10. Me and my husband have been taking Kefir for like 5 months now..It’s really good and we are so happy to be one of the few who knows and experiences the good benefits of Kefir..My mom tried taking care of a kefir grain, until we found someone who actually supplies a ready to drink one, we preferred the latter..It’s far more effective plus it also contains 1 gram of malungay per liter, and has variety of kefir pure, smoothie and even a juice they say it, you can cook your own food but you prefer to eat in a restaurant, that’s just what we did.. 🙂
    if anyone wants to know where we get our daily supplies of kefir, here’s the email:

  11. hi, I am looking for someone willing to share some kefir grains.I am from QC and willing to pick up from anywhere in Metro Manila, cavite or Bulacan:)

    Thanks very much in advance

    @Daisy – I emailed you privately already.

  12. Hi, i have a niece and nephew who suffers from autism. I was browsing through coconut water therapy since i know it helps detoxify digestive system. I happen to chance upon coconut water kefir. I’d like to try this on myself and “pamangkins” since i don’t think there’s any harm in trying. Can you help me get a kefir starter? thanks in advance.

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