A Brewing Storm on July 21


As I write this, it is merely hours before Book 7 of the Harry Potter series hits Manila with the force of a signal 3 storm.

The bookstore branch where we had reserved our copy months ago just sent an email that they will open their doors as early as 7AM to accommodate the expected throng of HP can’t-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-it fans who have followed Harry, Hermione and Ron from the start. The plan for us now is to watch HP the Movie tomorrow first thing (yes, because of my confinement we are one of the last in the metro who still have not seen it) then walk over to the bookstore and bring home THE book. 

M2 has long been preparing for this moment. A few months back, he began rereading Book 1 all the way to Book 6. There were nights when I would peek into their room to find him still awake, slamming the book shut as the door opened, pretending to sleep but with a grin on his face, knowing I had caught him red-handed. What can I do? He is just such a fan of HP.

Lately, he has been on this Harry Potter site that plays the background music of the movie over and over, almost driving his older brother M1 crazy as he tries to do his school work in the same room.

But the magic of Harry Potter just does that to you. I myself am caught up in all this excitement. With every book that J.K. Rowling released, we found ourselves entranced by the stories she weaved from one chapter to another. Meals were missed or taken late. The TV or computer was suddenly unoccupied. Nights stretched into mornings. Yes, even time in the bathroom doubled with the book in hand. Those reading several chapters ahead were warned upon “pain of death” not to reveal the plots.

In a sense, while excited to see how Rowling closes the series and reveals who lives or dies, I feel a sense of impending loss. After this, there is nothing more to look forward to. All has been revealed. I hope that, when she supposedly said “never say never” in an interview, she left a tiny opening in the whole plot that could allow her to continue writing about Harry Potter in the future. In fact, an online petition to “Save Harry” has been launched in the UK to gather one million signatures, after which the petition gets presented to Bloomsbury, the Harry Potter publisher.

I can already foresee how this weekend will go. With 4 kids, time will be equally divided among them to read the book. I plan to just let them. Come Monday, when they’re all in school, I will have the book all to myself!

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0 thoughts on “A Brewing Storm on July 21

  1. oh my god , i thought it was a real storm. so yes, i wonder what happens. M will be holed up at home when the storm is brewing,

    Jane: You mean you won’t be reading the book yourself, Noemi? 🙂

  2. Noemi and I will be at the National Book Store in Katipunan at 7 am 22 July, despite the brewing storm. Good we were able to make the reservations at 6 pm a while ago. Our daughters can’t wait, they would like to get their hands on the book the earliest possible time. They will be holed up at home while the storm is brewing, with the Do Not Disturb sign.

    Daughter Monica felt that by 2 pm, people who have read the book will start talking, with authority. she has shunned public places since news of the spoilers were reported on TV. she even has avoided conversation with brother JAngelo because he might spill the spoiler.

    Yes, our daughters have grown through Book I to Book VI, saying Book VII has finally arrived–after 10 years.

    Jane: Hi Dine. Just got back from HP5 movie and getting HP7 book. You and Noemi are such wonderful Moms to accompany the 2 M’s to get their books at that time of the morning! 🙂 At the rate your M is reading that book, she could just be done before midnight today and definitely bleary-eyed, hehe.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the book myself. I usually read biographies and non-fiction books. I’ve made an exception with this one.

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  4. Hi Jane. This is one storm I’d be happy to be in the middle of. I’ve read my copy. My dad’s got the book now but I’d read it over and over again like I did the other books to find the hints JK Rowling drops in earlier chapters/books. What seemed inconsequential is not all that. Remember the twins’ lockng up someone in a cabinet? I didn’t think that was important.

    Jane: Isn’t it amazing how Rowling can keep up with all the characters, their historical backgrounds and intertwine them to weave stories worth 7 books? And the number of creatures and spells! Maybe Rowling and Bloomsbury can come up with a Harry Potter encyclopedia with all the stuff from within these books properly explained and put in proper perspective!

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