Our Harry Potter Day

Yes, unlike my 2 diehard mommy blogger friends (Noemi and Dine) who, together with their daughters, lined up at 7AM in the morning to get their Harry Potter 7 books, I did not make HP history.

Instead, I was still in bed trying to catch more winks after having slept past midnight. The kids also could not get up in time for the 11:30 AM showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Promenade so we took a vote and decided unanimously to just take it easy and go to the 2:15 PM show instead.

C2 lined up for tickets while M1/M2 and I went for the popcorn and drinks. We settled down excitedly as the movie began. The kids were saying that some of their friends found the initial scenes slow and uneventful. C2 herself said so. I think I was the more enthralled one, intently watching each scene and trying to remember how it was in the book. Good thing I was seated beside M2 who is, hands down, the walking HP Encyclopedia in the family. In places where I could not recall why or how, M2 gladly filled in the details. I actually enjoyed the entire movie.

Afterwards, with rains threatening to come down, we half ran to Missouri St. to the National Bookstore branch there where we had made reservations months ago. By this time, what must have been a long line at 7AM was no more. We were first in line!


The maintenance guy there went along with the fun and lent us his HP hat and mop so that M2 could have this pic taken.



The salesladies and cashier of NBS Missouri Branch were extremely gracious and helpful. When I told them I was a blogger and wanted to take photos, they allowed me to do so and even posed for some pics themselves (which I promised I’d post).


And of course, we came away not just with the book but we were able to get a souvenir HP 7 box, an HP window sticker…


and free Chips Delight snacks as well!


What a perfect ending to our HP afternoon. M2 is now holed up in a room with the book. Let’s see how long it takes him to read this from cover to cover.

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0 thoughts on “Our Harry Potter Day

  1. today must have been your HP day–the movie and the book. and i am glad you enjoyed the movie (shame on me–i slept through it). monica is almost through, too bad she has to attend a ball in law school (actually, she even brought the book) 🙂

    Jane: Dine, no shame in falling asleep at the movies. There’s always the DVD after all. I’m sure Monica found a way to finish that book before she comes home tonight. Who is next in line in the family to read it?

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  3. Hi Jane. First of all, thanks for greeting my son Happy Birthday. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing these fun and cool photos. It’s nice how the staff of the bookstore were so accomodating. I’m sure you had fun taking those snapshots.

    Happy reading! I still have to get mine next time we go to the bookstore.

    Take care and happy Sunday!

    Jane: Rach, till you get your own HP book and read it through and through, AVOID anyone or anything that will spoil the end for you, 🙂

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  6. Jane! I love your photos! Didn’t think of bringing my cam along since I was just a “walk-in”. I even came back because I left my money pala.

    Btw, I linked this post to my post.

    Have a great week! 🙂

    Jane: Julie! Am glad you did not lose your HP money! Thanks for linking me to your post. And have a blast reading the HP book.

  7. Haay! My daughter went to see the movie na, even if the following day was a school day. She begged: “Mama, sige na, just this once… ” Umm…

    Jane: And of course, our mommy hearts cannot refuse our kids this request. If we were in their shoes, we would be looking up at our Moms with puppy eyes too, asking the same thing too.

  8. nice… My 3-year old doesn’t completely understand what the fuss is about but when he saw Mummy’s new book, he said “potter potter”! And he was good enuff to leave me alone the entire day so I could finish it.

    I was virtually incommunicado

    Auee, you’re lucky he isn’t of Potter-ish age yet, haha. I just finished the book….and that is an achievement considering there are 5 of us reading it….and I am quite happy with how it all turned out.

  9. I also thought the start of the movie was kind of slow but it picked up towards the middle. So are you done with the last book? My son’s still reading our copy.

    Hi, Angel. Yes, I’m done with the book and for me, it was OK… but won’t spoil the fun for you. 🙂

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