Family Mortal Enemy #1

If there is one thing our whole family hates to pieces and considers as #1 mortal enemy, that is the ugly, dirty, no-reason-to-exist ROACH!!!!

Yes, our disgust over this lowly creature has been handed down from generation to generation. My Mom’s side.

You see, my Mom is one sturdy lady. She was our disciplinarian. And she took care of most things around the house and in school. You’d think she was always cool and collected. But if there is one thing that scares the hell out of her, it is the cockroach. Her peripheral vision and instincts are so good that the moment a cockroach takes flight, she would scream bloody murder and run out of the room faster than anyone else.

Is it any wonder then that I have inherited that part of her DNA that absolutely loathes this creature? And my kids feel the same?

Just last night, one of the kids let out a bloodcurdling scream. Even before I rushed to the room to check on them, I already had a feeling the ENEMY was sighted once again. It has gotten to the point where “the ultimate weapon” (in other words, Baygon roach killer canisters) is now located upstairs and downstairs, within reach of us all. And last night, one of them indeed used the weapon against the enemy, sending them all out of their room (due to the toxic fumes) and into our room (where they killed time till the smell dissipated).

I have always believed that everything happens and exists for a purpose. But….WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A ROACH?

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