Cathy tagged me on this and it took a while to buckle down to thinking of my answers but finally, I am getting around to it today….


1. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Any place with a fantastic sea view. The sea has a magnetic attraction for me. I am not really an inland person. I love the sea, the breeze, the feel of sand running through my toes, walking on the shore with the waves lapping at my feet.

2. Would you rather drive or fly?

Drive, definitely. In the last decade or so, I seem to have developed this fear of flying (more on this in another post…). But driving and taking the scenic route, in my experience, beats flying hands down. I have seen many places, wonderful landscapes, and breathtaking views which you will totally miss thousands of feet above ground.

3. Have you ever been on a cruise? Would you want to go on one?

No. And don’t think I will ever want to get on one. I want to plan out my own vacation itinerary.

4. What has been your best/worst vacation?

I think my best vacation was my European summer when I hit 17 countries in 2 months.

As for the worst, I cannot seem to think of one because they were all okay. But I do remember one Christmas vacation when we made the mistake of coming home from a Christmas visit to my in-laws’ province VIA BOAT. Forgetting about the rough waves that time of year, we took a cabin situated near the front of the boat (a bad choice during rough seas) and another cabin a bit farther at the back. That 1-day trip was so bad with the entire ship rolling from one side to the other. All the kids threw up, my yaya was immobile the whole time, and I could not even get up myself to tend to any of them. From now on, December/January trips will ALWAYS be by plane!

5. How long do you think is long enough for a vacation?

When the kids start whining and getting on my nerves, it is time to pack up and go!

6. Do you spend a lot of money while on vacation? Do you buy a lot of souvenirs?

Not really. We try to plan a vacation with lots of fun but at reasonable prices. Souvenirs are musts only when we go to a new place. Lately though, vacation has been mostly to my in-laws so we have long discarded buying souvenirs.

7. If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?

I would go back to Europe in autumn (but this time, with my LOVE-y). We would take it all in slowly this time, enjoying the different cuisine, scenery, culture and ambience while moving from one country to another. We would hit all the museums and cultural sites, eat at the best restaurants the countries have to offer, and try their best wines.

At the top of my list of places? Paris, France; Lucerne, Switzerland; Austria; Italy, esp. the Isle of Capri.

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0 thoughts on “Vacationing

  1. Sad to say that my trips abroad are not really vacations. I used to represent the city of San Juan in international bowling tournaments. But of course, I’ve seen the entire Phils. from north to south. Those were the days.

    Jane: But bro! Those international tournaments are something to be proud of! I love bowling but unfortunately, it does not love me back, hehe. I’d be happy to score past 100. Now if you have seen most of the Philippines, I bet you’d score high in the Lakbayan survey that has been going around blogs. I just got a C+. And that is after having lived in the 3 main island groups.

  2. Thanks Jane! The Isle of Capri is on my wishlist too 🙂

    Jane: Cathy, I’ve been there just once but it is an absolutely romantic and breathtaking place by the sea. I hope we both get to see it again. 🙂

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