Freedom from Braces — Not Yet!

Yesterday, I got the news from my ortho which I did not want to hear but expected. The long-awaited freedom from braces before the end of this year won’t happen.

Yes, these metal contraptions will still see the New Year!

In a previous post, I said I was so looking forward to having these come off by December since my inlaws were going to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and I wanted to have all our pictorials with me….BRACE-FREE!

I mean, how many couples in this whole wide world get the chance to reach 60 years of marriage??? And those pics will be permanently displayed in all our family walls! And me still with braces! 🙁

I guess this is one of those “setbacks” in life I need to deal with.

Looks like gaining a little bit of weight to put some flesh back into moi will have to wait a little longer….

sigh….now to practice smiling with NO teeth showing….

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0 thoughts on “Freedom from Braces — Not Yet!

  1. Sis, you can always have them Photoshopped! The power of technology…..

    Jane: Bro, hopefully I can find a master at Photoshop-ing. I tried doing that with a picture before and it came out horrible. More practice, more practice! 🙂

  2. Ouch, you wore braces pala. I had them when I was in college, grabe, hirap kumain…Good thing the ortho decided to remove it after a year, nag cooperate kagad teeth ko, he he.

    Jane: Good for you, Rowena! One particular tooth in front is stubborn as anything. All my teeth moved easily. This one is a different story. Haaay!!!

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