Jupiter + Venus + Moon = Smiley Face!

In astronomy-speak, it is called a planetary conjunction — when the planets seem closest to each other. The National Geographic News article ” Planets, Crescent Moon to “Frown” on Skywatchers Dec. 1″ said what we would see is a frown but lucky, lucky us here in Metro Manila tonight because what we saw in the skies was this (I only had a digicam so I leaned on a window ledge to steady my hands while taking these using the slowest exposure my cam had):



Tonight we saw the 3 brightest celestial bodies — Jupiter being the largest planet, Venus being the closest planet to Earth and our own moon! Some historians even think that a similar conjunction could have been the “Star of Bethlehem” source.

Whatever it was, so many bloggers took pictures tonight, blogged or Plurked about it and shared a special moment together. What an amazing happy night tonight was! 

Special thanks to a special friend who gave me a heads up to look up into the sky.

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0 thoughts on “Jupiter + Venus + Moon = Smiley Face!

  1. incredible photos. i wasn’t able to take pics of this “smiley” because i was in a moving vehicle. may i copy these pics? thanks!

    Jane: Sure, but would appreciate appropriate credits though if you post them online. Thanks!

  2. I took photos too. I loved that I shared the night with hubby.

    Jane: I cherished the thought that good friends were looking up at the same sky as I was and sharing a special moment.

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  4. My siblings saw it too and asked me to take pictures of it very similar to the ones you took. I haven’t uploaded them yet. 😀

    Jane: Those pics are worth uploading and blogging about 🙂

  5. hi jane. nice shots. can i borrow one and post it on my blog? 🙂 my cam-phone didn’t catch a very good shot at it last night.

    Jane: Hi Jon. Sure you can borrow a photo. Would appreciate photo credit though when you post online. Thanks much for dropping by. We all shared a wonderful sight last night.

  6. Hi, i also watch it from my place Kuala Lumpur. but didn’t manage to take a picture since i’m just using a normal digital camera. Can i copy it and i will put the credits to you. Thanks.

  7. i wanted to take photos too, but my camera phone can’t capture anything that’s beyond 50 feet (i think). i just thought to myself that my fellow bloggers would take photos and i can just take a peek… and how true! thanks for taking the photos and sharing them!

    mama, lex and i were walking last night when we stopped on our tracks to stare at the sky, and the man walking towards us got curious, and stopped and stared too! hahaha.

    smiley face. it’s like getting a glimpse of God’s smile. 🙂 in time for the Christmas season!

  8. Hi Jane,

    i using your picture to my blog. Hope you don’t mind and i have put a credit to you 🙂

    it’s a wonderful moment!

  9. Nice! I was trying to take a photo but my camera phone can’t handle it. When I saw it I was like … COOL … then text messages started pouring in… hahaha!

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  11. thanks for sharing this sky smile!

    i posted about it last week and have been trying to get the word out–lots of hits!

    we walked down to the pacific ocean and out onto a pier to see it without glare–no smile but so wonderful!

    i’d like to post your picture and promise to link back to you!

  12. Hi all! I’m a freshly ordained prophet.
    I announce a prophecy: This cosmic smile of God is His sign to the Filipino people of the most glorious festival that will occur beginning very early in the year 2009. JESUS will rock the Philippines and the entire world will drop their jaws in amazing wonder. WE WILL BE A SIGN FOR EARTH as we proceed to proclaim and shout— That GOD is GOD and His ways are eternal.


    Inday with a smile 🙂

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  14. I had a very bad day, and looking at the smiley in the sky before my eyes really made my night. 😀
    Thanks for sharing the photos, I wasnt able to take them in a moving car.

  15. hi jane. nice photo you got here. can i copy too. i promise i will leave credits to your page. thanks much! i was able to catch it last night too with my kids, too bad i didn’t have my camera with me.. so i hope your pictures would help me.. thanks 🙂

    Jane: I appreciate your taking time to write me, Claire. Of course you can use the photo. And thank you for the photo credits.

  16. A good sign specially after the attack we have badly suffered and lost loved ones here in mumbai

    Jane: I really feel sad about what happened in your country. I hope things get better there. Glad the smiley face made you feel better.

  17. Hi Jane: Pretty amazing!!! Everything happening in the skies is interesting. Sometimes nature do surprises us, doesn’t it?

  18. This is so cool. You’ve got a clear view of the sky. I live in the Metro Manila too, but the buildings and houses were blocking the sky and I could see it from only one angle. A pleasant end to a not-so-pleasant day. Thank you for posting pictures!

  19. Hi jane,what a nice picture. I’was unfortunelly by takiing that mo ment with my phone camera (batam island,ina),not so clear. We right here says”bulan terse nyum”pada bumi. A supranatural said in local newspaper,it’s lucky for a single old woman who saw that moment,will get married immedietely. Thank’s,would you mind I copy your picture for a memory use only?

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