Tikoy Takes a New Shape in 2010

Chinese New Year is always celebrated by the Chinese on the 7th day of the 7th month according to the Lunar Calendar. This year, 2010, that day falls on still another big event – Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the New Year, Chinese families usually buy glutinous rice cake (locally called tikoy) to give out to friends, family and colleagues.

Tikoy in the Philippines has truly evolved. When I was small, all we had was the usual white tikoy.

What used to be just plain white tikoy evolved into a brown version some years ago as more people preferred to eat brown sugar over white.

Then a few years ago, we began to see flavors that can only be found in the Philippines as these use locally found ingredients. Yup, you can’t find these in places like Hong Kong!

I took shots of these from our local Diao Eng Chay store near home:

Ube tikoy

Pandan tikoy

But this year, there is one tikoy that you won’t find in Chinese stores for many, many years to come till the moon is in the same place it will be this year on Feb. 14.

Valentine Tikoy!!!!




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0 thoughts on “Tikoy Takes a New Shape in 2010

  1. It’s actually amazing how the tikoy has evolved through the years, just like the hopia. We now have several flavors.

    I have observed this because every Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival, we always get tikoy and mooncakes from our Chinese friends. And they are always of the yummy kind! 🙂

    @Meikah – Yes, tikoy has evolved. I am waiting to see if they will ever come out with durian tikoy. LOL

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