VISAtisfied Voyager: new visa blog of the U.S. Embassy Manila

The U.S. Embassy Manila is now the most active embassy in the Philippines on social media (with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr). And just recently, they did it again!

They now have….*drumroll*…..a VISA BLOG!

You read that right. They have an official visa blog, VISAtisfied Voyager, whose goal is “to provide timely and relevant information to members of the public interested in learning about the Nonimmigrant and Immigrant visa processes.”

The choice to put up a blog shows the determination of the embassy to draw in feedback from readers. Every week, topics relevant to visa applicants will be posted. You can ask questions, leave comments and even provide feedback with any experience you may have while applying for a U.S. visa.

Behind the blog is a team of visa experts from the embassy’s Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visa units. It is hoped that through this blog, visa applicants can be kept up to date with new developments that may affect their applications.

Take note though. The U.S. Embassy Manila will not be able to respond to individual visa-specific questions on the visa blog. If you have questions that are specific to your situation, email the embassy at the following addresses: (for individual, non-immigrant visa applications) (for individual immigrant visa applications)

With literally thousands of Pinoys applying for travel visas every year, the addition of this visa blog is sure to clear up many myths and provide clear advice for everyone, more so for those who may be applying for the first time.

Congratulations to the entire team of the U.S. Embassy Manila who are behind VISAtisfied Voyager as well as responsible for all its social media efforts!

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8 thoughts on “VISAtisfied Voyager: new visa blog of the U.S. Embassy Manila

  1. I am so happy with this new development. I have been denied a U.S. visa many years ago and felt discouraged to try again. Now, I want to try again because I feel ready this time and have more reasons to go to the U.S.A. I hope this visa blog will help me and my kids and will make it easier and less threatening. Thanks again and more power!

  2. i have a multiple visa that will expire on june 2012, i’m planning to go on a U.S. tour on jan 2012, heard from someone that 6 mos before it expires you have to used it. how true is it? i appreciate your help and thank you so much.

    • Hi Eva. I am sorry but I am not an expert on U.S. visas. If you have questions about your situation, it is best to go directly to the U.S. Embassy’s visa blog (link is on my post) and send them your question. Good luck!

  3. Hi I am new on this blog site, glad to know you have this one now. I heard that applying for a visa (non-immigrant is so difficult, some are saying taht you should have enough money on the bank, a real estate property to present to the consul just to be eligible for a visa sthat true? what in my case I only want to accompany my employer who is an american citizen, actually a dual citizen (american-filipino)
    who is wheelchair bound because of her condition,she desperately need a travelling companion whenever she needs to visit her family in Virginia USA. She is 78 years old. I wonder why they would be strict on matters like this,esp. in my case who really dont have any intention of overstaying there. I am married, have family here and i never dreamt of staying overseas for a long time. A visit is fine with me and also an experience to travel in America..Just that…pls. enlighten me..

  4. Hi,Mom and I applied for a non immigrant visa and were interviewed last August 23.I was the one asked regarding our visit to my brother in the US.I was asked my purpose in going to the States and I told the consul that I have to accompany mom because she’s 84 and can’t travel alone because she sometimes can’t control her urine and bowel movement and is afraid to travel.The consul asked me If I have a job and honestly told her that i don’t work whichafter she denied my entry.I was not done explaining and she abruptly told me that she will only issue a visa for mom.I told her that she cannot travel alone and she sarcastically said these; “if you will keep on insisting to get a visa,i will deny your mom’s entry to the States.” I was so surprised and did not say anything,sat on the chair and mom was crying while the lady consul was looking at us.

    Mom and I went home disappointed.Since then,mom could not sleep and eat well and keep on telling me to reapply,so I did for her sake.I was scheduled Nov 3,went back to the US Embassy leaving my grandchild at the hospital,not thinking what will happen to her.This time,I told the consul that I have a business (which I was not able to tell the lady consul,because she stopped me from saying it).Again I was asked my purpose in going to the States,same answer but was denied again.

    I don’t have any plan to stay longer in the States because of my business and family here.If not only for mom,i won’t be applying.Yes,she was issued a multiple visa but doesn’t want to go without me.Mom and i live together and she needs me wherever she goes.Please help me because mom is getting weak and let’s not deny her wish,to accompany her to visit her son because they haven’t seen each other for a very long time,and has not seen her daughter – in law,never.She is a pensioner ( GSIS and PVAO) and she signs documents every 3 months.

    Thank you very much and more power!!

    • Thank you for posting. Unfortunately, my blog is in no way connected with the US Embassy. This post is merely an informative one to point you to the US Embassy’s visa blog.

      Please click on the link in this post to go to the US Embassy’s visa blog and repost your comment there. Thank you and good luck!

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