Starting a Goal and Gratitude Jar

I had been thinking for a while about how to usher in 2015. I wanted something that would make next year even more meaningful and have more purpose. And I wanted it to be centered on gratitude.

Gratitude quote 1

Isn’t that so true? We wrack our brains sometimes thinking of what to be thankful for and yet if we really became aware and mindful, we’d see the little blessings that come our way each day.

Recently I saw one of my friends on Facebook share a photo with a picture of a gratitude jar. I really thought it was a cool idea. It was a transparent glass jar. You drop pieces of paper inside for each blessing that comes to you and at the end of the year, it becomes a record of all the things to be thankful for. It’s the conscious listing down of all the blessings received that make us more mindful of them each day because we tend to look at huge-impact blessings when really, there are all these daily blessings we don’t see. And when we realize just how blessed we are, gratitude to God happens naturally.

I immediately shared that photo on Facebook saying I wanted to do it. And maybe the BIG GUY up there really heard me because soon after, a haircare brand sent me a package as a pre-event invitation and guess what. It came in a big transparent jar with white letters on the outside that said: “If you can dream it, you can do it“.

Gratitude Jar

On top of that, a coffee brand also sent me some coffee with this tumbler.

Be thankful tumbler

How much more clear can the Divine’s Words be?

So there.

I have my word for the year. GRATITUDE.

We now have our FAMILY Goal and Gratitude Jar.

For 2015, each member of our family can drop his or her goals and aspirations into this jar as well as an answered prayer, blessing, achieved goal, surprise delight, whatever positive. And hopefully at the end of the year, we need not be too challenged recalling all the good things that came our way as well as praying for the goals that we have set for ourselves.


May your coming year be one filled with meaning, purpose, abundance, love, peace, contentment, mindfulness and gratitude.



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2 thoughts on “Starting a Goal and Gratitude Jar

  1. Happy new year, Jane! This is an inspiring idea… I want to do this myself. I still haven’t blogged about anything related to 2014 (the year that was) and 2015 (the current year). As practiced for the past 3 years or so, I look for a word theme each year. I’m still thinking about it. LOL…

    • Go, Meikah! I just wanted to be sure I did not miss out anything to be thankful for when I get to December. It’s easy to remember a few weeks back but not all the way back to January. Hopefully this jar will be that solution.

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