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I may be biased but let me put this out here at the onset: ALL MOMS ARE INFLUENCERS. 

Momfluence decor

Let me start by retelling a funny story I heard some years back that illustrates the power that Mom wields at home.

A Mom was wondering why she was always the first person her kids would run to for anything. “Mom, I can’t find my socks.” “Mom, I have a project tomorrow and I need some supplies”. “Mom, I need you to sign this consent form.” “Mom, may I go to our field trip?” It was Mom, Mom, Mom all the time. It wasn’t that she minded but sometimes, between her own office work, house chores, and the need for personal space, she hoped that they would also call their Dad instead. So she sat them down and told them that Dad also had the same authority and power to help with their projects or give consent for a school activity, and that they should not hesitate to call on him too. One day, her youngest kid came running into the house and she heard him yell “DAD!” Mom thought to herself “Finally!!! They are learning to involve their father too!”. Her joy was short-lived though when she heard her kid say….”Dad, WHERE’S MOM?”

When I began blogging in 2006, there were just a few of us mom bloggers. Brands back then still did not fully recognize the potential of mom bloggers. We were all lumped in as “bloggers”. Today, the influence of mom bloggers is no longer a question. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of mom bloggers are regularly being invited to brand events ranging from food events to baby and personal care products to high end fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

As a mommy blogger, I have always been conscious of the influence my writings could create. I know I have blog readers and social media followers of all ages. What I write online can very well influence choices, belief systems, and actions of people. This is why I choose what I will write about. Many times, I have said no to offers to write because the topics were not aligned with what I would espouse as a mother.

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I am now in the prime of my life. A few weeks ago, our youngest child graduated from college. He is now getting ready to spread his wings. I am a semi-empty nester already with one child working in the province. But life is a circle. As one phase ends, another begins. My sister’s son now has an adorable baby boy who we’re teaching to call me “I-ma”. Because of him, I now attend brand events with new eyes – the eyes of a doting grandmother. Grandmothers, after all, are still Moms and will remain Moms forever. Probably with even greater influence than before.

There is also something about becoming older and (hopefully) wiser that changed me. As my kids grew more independent, I had more time to reflect on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It eventually boiled down to this — I became an advocate. That sounds like a big word but it really just means using one’s social media reach, network, credibility, reputation, and influence to make a difference. While a visible aspect of my advocacy involves engaging government, I also actively participate in issues involving the proper use of social media for social good, cybersafety and online privacy, financial literacy, and empowered wellness, among others.

It is timely then for Mommy Mundo founder Janice Villanueva to assemble Moms with purposeful influence to form part of the first ever Momfluence (Mom + influence)  network. Mommy Mundo has long recognized and nurtured the growth of mom bloggers and mompreneurs (she is a mompreneur herself!). Her annual Expo Moms are a testimony to her own purposeful influence in the world of parenting with a purpose. With the Momfluence network, Janice seeks to acknowledge and encourage more Moms, of different ages, backgrounds and situations, to live and blog with purposeful influence.


Mommy Mundo Janice Villanueva

Mommy Mundo Janice Villanueva

A good number of those in the room were already mommy bloggers I knew. A sprinkling of wonderful celebrity Moms, like Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Donita Rose and Jaymie Pizarro (The Bull Runner), were also part of the Momfluence network.

What is Momfluence network

The function room of our venue host, Makati Diamond Residences, was transformed for the Momfluence network. The whole room was bright and festive with blooms of different kinds and colors. Each table had a spread consisting of candles, books, and beautiful, luscious plants and flowers inside watering cans — symbols purposely chosen for their significance to the Momfluence network.

Momfluence network symbols


Candles: To symbolize Momfluencers as guiding lights who are not afraid to shed light, shine the light on truth, and help guide and educate others

Books: To symbolize Momfluencers’ purposeful influence in ensuring that what they disseminate as information is TRUTHFUL and based on facts, experience, and the like

Plants and Watering Cans: To symbolize the Momfluencers’ nurturing powers that help others grow. Their reach goes beyond their children to their other spheres of influence. Their words are like seeds planted in fertile soil; their sharing of their life stories meant to inform, inspire,  motivate and transform others to grow holistically too.


Some momfluencers

Our table of momfluencers with Mommy Mundo

I had fun getting to know the other Momfluencers. Good food and clean fun made all of us let go of the cares of the world, at least for a few hours.

I am excited to be participating down the road in campaigns and advocacies that Mommy Mundo and different brands will have. By being part of the Momfluence network, I know my participation in any campaign will always have meaning and purpose. Most people nowadays consult credible blogs when looking for reviews and recommendations on almost anything. Without a doubt, the blogs of the Momfluence network will rank up there among the more highly consulted blogs.


The Momfluence Network

Of course, the entire gathering would not have been possible without the slew of brands who have always partnered with Mommy Mundo and now support the Momfluence network as well. A big shoutout to you all!





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