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  3. Hello Jane,

    I live in Singapore and am interested in making my own kefir. I just need to find someone who will be kind enough to share their grains with me. May I ask if you are located in SG? If so, could you kindly share some grains with me?

    Please contact me at


    @Nadira – Hi there. Unfortunately, I am not in Singapore but in Manila. I hope you can find a source for kefir grains there.

  4. hi Jane,

    I’ve been looking everywhere for Kefir but parang mahirap makakita sa mga malls. Can I get Kefir grains from you? I’m in Manila too. Would like to hear from you.


  5. I’m a cancer patient and I need to know where to get Kefir and how to grow it. etc. I’m giving you my daughter’s email address because she checks her e-mail more often than i do. thank you. 🙂

    @Catherine – I’ll email you once I have kefir grains that I can give. Right now, I’m still trying to make the consistency a bit thicker before I divide them up for giving away. I hope you can wait a little bit.

  6. hey Jane,
    I hope I’m not too late but I recently just discovered about Kefir after reading up on correcting diet which I am currently struggling with, and was wondering where I could get it. Fortunately I found this blog of yours and I’m so thrilled to find that you’re giving it out for free. Problem is I live here in Cebu and Hoping that you can send it here if it’s possible and Not a hassle for you, expense paid of course. If not, I hope I can find a way to get it in Manila.
    Thanks and I appreciate so much what you’re doing.

    @Dave – I just emailed you. I can’t send the grains to Cebu but if you can have someone get it in Manila, I can spare some.

  7. hi jane! I have a 3 year old son who has food intolerance and is on the Autism Spectrum. I have been reading on kefir grains and its benefits to ones health. I would like to start giving my son kefir milk to improve his gut. I was wondering if I can request some kefir grains. I would gladly share the kefir grains as soon as I have successfully ‘grow’ them.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of kefir on your blog.

  8. Hi Jane, Im so glad to find your blog. Im a long time believer in probiotics, which I give not only to my family but to my dogs. I was so excited when I came across kefir and read about its superior benefits and possibility of making my own! Im spending way too much on lactose free probiotics because for some reason my dogs cant tolerate yogurt or yakult which are the common source of probiotics in our country. I wish you have available grains to give away at this time. Please let me know. I will be grateful. Thanks. 🙂

  9. hi ma’am jane,

    i’ve seen a video from youtube featuring kefir (featured in The Good Life)

    i am a believer of the kefir, but would like to ask if you know where i can buy and the one that has the best quality? i knew 2 dealers:

    Marigonz’ Kefir (puree) is priced at PhP 650.!+KEFIR+PROBIOTICS!?referralKeywords=kefir+power

    Business Empire’s Kefir is priced at PhP 640.

    is there a cheaper way to acquire kefir? thank you very much in advance.

  10. pssssst … have you heard about the new Makati Ashtanga yoga studio? Stillpoint Manila … 0927 976 0666. #3c torre de salcedo. 184 salcedo street. legaspi village. you should check it out, Jane. I’ve been practicing there every day, M through F. hope you’ve been well. Liana

  11. Hi Jane!
    We would like to know where we can source some kefir grains in Manila. Is it true it’s helpful for allergies, diabetes, cancer…? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks!

  12. Hi,Jane

    Pwede po bang makahingi ng milk kefir grains
    Dito po ako sa Makati,Valero Telepark.

    Noel S.Bernal

  13. Hi Ms. Jane, I am Lorraine. I’ve read so many good things about kefir. I have endometriosis and I think this would be very helpful in strengthening my immune system..I hope you have kefir grains available this time..Pls. email me or contact me 09328818668..I’m from Cainta. I can meet you up near your place so it wouldn’t be a hassle for you..Thank you very much..You are such a great help to everyone..God bless you always..

    • Hello, Lorraine. My kefir grains have been in the ref for some time now as I put it to sleep to regenerate. Will check if I can divide them and email you back. Thank you for writing me.

      • Hi Jane. This is Dominique. I get really bad acid reflux and kefir has been really helping to neutralize the pain. I was wondering whether you have kefir grains available? I’m willing to buy and meet up at your convenience. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Hi miss jane do you have a water kefir grains or what we call a tibicos mushroom im here at cebu philippines and i need it too.
    Please can i have.

    My number is 09097426489 and im so very interested to buy miss jane. I need it.

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