Preserve your legacy for your heirs through SUN Smarter Life

Most people who invest in financial products and buy insurance are in any of three stages in life: 1) starting to build a financial nest at the start of one’s career 2) growing wealth as one moves up in his career and has a family by then, and 3) preparing ahead for one’s senior years when the propensity to grow wealth starts diminishing and health-related expenses go up.

The three life stages and their needs

If you are one of these types of investors, you are in a good place. But…did you know that there is still a fourth life stage and yet, so many Filipinos miss out on preparing amply for it and it has a huge tax impact on the heirs? Here’s something to think about…

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Money Saving Tip: Pay Your Real Property Tax Early (Updated)

When do you pay your annual real property tax?

Sec. 60 of the Real Property Tax Code (or PD No. 464) states:

“Payment of real property taxes in installments. — Real property taxes may, in the discretion of the taxpayer, be paid without penalty in four equal installments; the first installment to be due and payable on or before March thirty-first; the second installment, on or before June thirty; the third installment, on or before September thirty; and the last installment, on or before December thirty-first, except the special levies authorized under Sections forty-seven and fifty-five of this Code which shall be governed by the local ordinance or Department Order issued by the Secretary of Finance, as the case may be.”




For taxpayers who choose to pay the entire year’s real property tax within the first quarter, there are discount incentives.

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How to buy IPO shares with only PhP 25,000 or less

When there are popular Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), many times the shares are over-subscribed and small investors can be left out of it because stocks are usually taken by large investors through their stockbrokers. This is now addressed by the Philippine Stock Exchange‘s Local Small Investor (LSI) Shares program where investors who are just testing the waters of stock investing or who may not have that much money to buy stocks can still participate in a company IPO.

Under the LSI program, 10% of all IPOs have to be allocated for the LSIs. Any individual (local or foreign) or corporate investor can buy up to PhP 25,000 worth of IPO shares through a Trading Participant (TP), a licensed stockbroker.

Here’s an infographic provided by the PSE.


Let’s tackle some more questions that may be on your mind.

How many shares can I buy in an IPO?

It depends on the price per share for the IPO. The maximum value of your subscription is PhP 25,000. So to determine the maximum number of shares you, as an LSI, can subscribe to, PhP 25,000 is divided by the cost per share. Also, LSI subscriptions must be at least equivalent to one (1) board lot.

What if there is more than one IPO happening at the same time? Can I subscribe to both?

Yes! You can buy up to a maximum of PhP 25,000 for EACH IPO.

If I already have a broker, can I use him to buy LSI shares?

LSI Application to Purchase forms should be signed by the investor’s stock brokerage firm. So yes, your existing broker can be used to buy LSI shares.

What if I want to buy more than PhP 25,000 worth of shares for an IPO?

Unfortunately, PhP 25,000 is the maximum allowed under the LSI program. To buy more than that, you will have to go through the regular IPO purchase process. However, if you were already able to get offer shares through your broker (via the allocation per brokerage firm) but you want more, you can still subscribe to LSI.

I don’t have a checking account. Is there any other way to pay for LSI share subscriptions?

You may also pay via Manager’s Cheque.

Got more questions? Just leave me a comment below and I will hound my friends at the PSE for an answer. 🙂

Good luck and happy stock investing!


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Sun Life #Money4Life: Helping Filipinos plan for financial independence

Frankly, I came to this Sun Life event thinking it was one where we would listen to financial planners give a short talk on personal finance and maybe learn about new product offerings. I never expected this event to be about ME!!! And about all of us – you and I.

Sun Life Financial #Money4Life

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iCon 2016: Investing is for Everyone

The biggest annual investment conference is back and is now on its 4th year with a brand new roster of speakers known in the Philippine financial industry. Among them are my good friends Randell Tiongson (the organizer of iCON) and Marvin Germo, an expert in stock investing.

icon 2016

Last year, I was able to bring two of my kids and a friend’s kids to the conference. Usually kids get impatient with long conferences but my kids listened till the end. Now, they are more confident and manage their own savings with increased knowledge.

To read about our iCON 2015 experience, click here.

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The Art of Minimalism and Creating Liquidity

Photo source: Trudy Hylant of Art by Trudy

Photo source: Trudy Hylant of Art by Trudy

After over a quarter of a century of marriage and four kids, I have seen how stuff in the house has accumulated, piled up and taken up precious real estate space at home. It was not so bad when it was just the two of us back then. But as the kids started coming, we had to make room again and again and again for new furniture, their clothes, toys, books, etc. And, as they grew older and more fashion-conscious, their stuff also added up.

I have been looking around the house and I have come to the conclusion that I do not need all these stuff. In fact, I still have wedding gifts (yes, MY wedding gifts!) still unused in one closet. So I’ve set myself on a path to minimalism (as best I could) by getting rid of things I may never ever use or have more sets than I need.

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