The Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Weight Loss Face Off

8 Weeks.

2 deejays.

3 servings of Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks daily.

1 goal.

The two deejays of Magic 89.9Joseph Paul Javier, aka Mojo Jojo, who co-hosts Goodtimes with Mo, and Eric Virata aka Slick Rick of Boys Night Out — gamely got into the challenge on who can lose more weight.

Here are their BEFORE stories:

Slick Rick: I have to say that I’m a happy- go-lucky guy, but of course there are times that I have insecurities about my weight and appearance. I envy the people that can lose weight really quick and I’m not part of that lucky group.

Mojo Jojo: When I was a teenager, I used to be quite athletic. However, when college came along, I found that my physical activities took a back seat to studying and hitting the books. Then when I started working, I really let myself go. And with my metabolism no longer that of a teenager, shedding the extra weight became more difficult. When they weighed me in at the beginning of the challenge, I was really shocked that I have ballooned to 183 pounds! It was a realization for me that I really had to change my lifestyle… more so than the reason of “just looking good”—it was time to think about my health.

Slick and Mojo - Before-lowres

At the end of eight weeks, while Mojo came out with an impressive 17 lbs. weight loss, Slick Rick lost a total of 20 lbs. making him the winner of the weight loss face off!

Slick Rick and Mojo Jojo - After

If the two deejays are happy, their family and friends are happier.  Listeners of their station call in to say that they have been inspired.  They are also saying that they would not mind undergoing the same regimen because of the healthy snacking alternative offered by the New Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks.  Health experts agree and added that eating the right foods with regular exercise like brisk walking can definitely help lose or maintain one’s weight.

Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks is the only low calorie snack with 300mg of L-Carnitine that is clinically proven to burn fat!  Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks is made with real fruits and it has no added sugar.

Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fruit Snacks are available in all leading supermarkets (Mixed Fruit, Pineapple or Pine-Orange).  SRP: P 25.00 for Mixed Fruit and Pineapple and P28.50 for Pine-Orange.  All variants are available in convenient single serve cups with spork.

(paid advertorial)

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Sarili Kong ‘MYMP (Make Your Mama Proud)’

‘La lang. I just feel a mother’s pride whenever I see anything about my sons’ school. Maybe I am a frustrated wanna-study-in-a-Jesuit-school girl but at least all my kids have had or will have one, hehe.

OK, so I get a little techie now. Saw this YouTube video and decided: why not? Just include it in my blog!

So here….enjoy!

P.S. I actually love the rap song and the hiphop dance at the end, hehehe….

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My 5th Kid

My kids will laugh at this and say I am going into my 2nd childhood.

Believe it or not, I have a 5th “kid”. A boy. And while he has not aged, in reality he should be over 20 years old by now, older than our eldest daughter.

He came into my life when I was still single. I met him in the U.S. and fell in love with him as soon as I cradled him in my arms. He was the right baby size and had a soft, pliable body I loved to hug.

Throughout many lonely days (when homesickness struck), he was my solace. I gave him my favorite boy name — Michael. Only he knew my deepest secrets then. Only he saw my tears and struggles as I tried to get through my studies without my family around.

But when I settled down and started having kids, I neglected him. I introduced him to my girls years back but his presence did not last. After all, I had kids of my own to take care of. I forgot he existed until today when, for some reason, memories of him came back and jolted me. I looked for him and took him back into my arms, remembering our days together — the winters he kept me company. Many shared moments…

He was a bit dirty, his face smudged from years of neglect. His baby clothes no longer had the fresh scent they had when I put them on him. I took out a washcloth and gently wiped him clean as best I could. I still have to put a clean set of clothes on him.

All these years, he waited patiently while I reared my family — just waiting for the moment when I would remember him once again. And today, I did remember him….

Cara took one look at him and remembered too. “It’s Michael?” And I just nodded.

Welcome back into my life, Baby M!

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School’s Out!

Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….yehey!!!!

Cara is just practicing for grad. Mark finished his finals 2 days ago. And today Ian took his last 2 tests.

So, no more getting up early in the morning for them. No more homework to follow up. No more circulars and quiz notebooks to sign. No more lunch kits, allowances and baon. No more school meetings to attend.

Ahhhh…..what nice thoughts!

HOLD THOSE THOUGHTS!!! When everyone is home, they jockey for time on the PS2, the computer and the TV. And I get called on to play referee when they start to argue. And with so much time on their hands, I get to hear “I AM BORED!” so often, it will start coming out of my ears! And I am likely to play host to loads of friends coming over to play on the internet AND eat lunch/dinner here…


But come to think about it…by focusing on the fact that this phase in their lives will never repeat itself, I can just sit back and enjoy these moments as best I can while I still have them with me. I won’t be able to turn back the hands of time. I already miss their baby years. Down the road, I will also miss their teen years.

So, this will be a summer for making more memories. And I will try to live IN THE MOMENT and savor every moment with my kids…..


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My Series of Unfortunate Events

I could not think of a better title to describe my day yesterday.

We were invited to attend a wedding at Alabang. We had decided to skip the church event and just proceed to the reception around 4pm.

We left the house about 3pm (that was the first thing we did wrong, considering this was a Saturday). We took the shortcut to Paranaque via C5.  Next mistake!!! At the junction of Shaw and C5, we got caught up in bumper-to-bumper traffic that eased somewhat near Makati and became congested again as we came out into So. Superhighway.

We missed the Alabang temporary exit as we were looking for the Filinvest one (only to find out that due to road construction, it was CLOSED!).  So we had to drive further till we got to the Susana Heights exit, paid the toll, only to make a U-turn as soon as we got out of the toll booth.  We then re-entered the highway to look for the nearest exit to get into Filinvest City.

Murphy’s Law — there was a fork in the exit (1 for Filinvest; the other for Alabang).  By some twist, we were on the Alabang exit side and could not shift to the other lane. Ended up in Alabang (but this was route to Alabang-Zapote Rd. where all the jeeps and buses passed and as expected, it was super congested!)

Aaaagh! At this time, I had lost interest in making it to the wedding reception but tried to make the most of the situation.

We finally parked at Alabang Town Center. By this time, we were an hour late. To be sure, hubby parked in the church grounds and we just walked across to the mall side to look for the resto. It took us a while to find it. We took some wrong turns around the mall and backtracked till we finally got to the venue.

But…seeing as we were so terribly late, the wedding reception was well into dinner and we were at the end of a long line of hungry people. By the time we got to the food, it was almost gone. Oh well, at least we still had ample helpings of dessert and fruits….

And, as there was no space among the tables for the guests, we ended up sitting in the table reserved for the ninongs. And we got to chat with one of the ninongs who happened to be our former officemate (and baptism ninong of our daughter, too!).

At the end of a tiring day, it was not so bad after all. We enjoyed the company of old friends and forgot all about our “lost in the city” adventure.

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Star Wars: A Classic Spanning Generations

I just love Star Wars — and so does the whole family!!!! We have the complete set of 6 movies but every Sunday since latter part of December, as these were shown on TV one part after another, we would gather in the bedroom and watch from start to finish. Our boys especially, who have watched this series backward and forward and every which way, would analyze dialogue and connect characters from one part to another part. Frankly, I would sometimes get lost in the family trees but our son Ian would give me the 411 on each and every main character.

There is just something about this 6-part movie series that keeps us glued to the TV set. Reminds me of the Sound of Music which I must have seen over 2 dozen times, so much so that I can sing the songs by heart.

We discuss the plot, analyze the technology behind the light sabers and gunbattles, marvel at the variety of aliens depicted as well as the costumes, and get completely absorbed in the whole movie.

I am not much of a TV person but sci-fi ones like Star Wars get my attention. About one of the few TV series I chased with similar passion was Star Trek. We followed episode after episode most especially the Enterprise’s encounters with the Borg. In a way, I was both relieved and sad when the episodes came to an end and the Enterprise was able to return to Earth.

Will there be a new Star Wars-like series that will crop up in the future to once again hold generations of families enthralled and enmeshed in its intricate plots? I sure hope so….

Of such classics, I can only say “Resistance is futile!” (A popular Borg statement in the series Star Trek)

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