Travel Preparations Go High Tech

Tomorrow I leave for the province with the 2 girls. Hubby and boys follow the next day.

I am looking forward to these next 2 weeks in so many ways. First, it’s my in-laws’ 60th wedding anniversary. Big celebration. Lots of guests, Family coming home from abroad. Reunions galore. Food everywhere. Yup, I think I am gonna love this vacation. And maybe, just maybe, I will finally gain some decent weight…..

Of course, the flip side is all the work I need to bring with me since I am in the middle of a systems implementation project which requires decisions, consultations, teleconferences, and so on.

My kumpare Lito (who works for this company I consult for) gave me the 4-1-1 on how I can be up and running and in touch with the project team through my 3G handset (which I got because it looked nice but never went as far as using it to surf the internet).

This is what I went through:

1. Bought a Smart prepaid SIM (Smart only charges P10 for half an hour — like an internet cafe — while Globe charges by kilobyte downloaded, which will quickly empty your load).  Loaded P300 on it.

2. Configured my phone’s settings and installed Nokia PC Suite on hubby’s laptop

3. Set up via PC Suite the internet connection so the laptop could recognize my Smart wireless connecton

4. Tested everything by logging onto Smart via laptop and voila! I WAS CONNECTED!

Now, it means I can check email and chat with my project team members either via my 3G mobile or on the laptop, using the mobile as a modem.

Hey! I learned something new!

Also found out that my in-laws’ place is a wi-fi spot. Woohoo!

So maybe I need not say good-bye to all of you because it looks like I could actually get some blogging squeezed in during this vacation. Unless…..I get bogged down practicing (I heard we need to prepare for a program during the dinner celebration!!!).

Oh…and yeah! Guess what else I am lugging along….


Hahaha. Hope to do my teacher Pio proud!


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Bloggers Yoga Class Postponed!

Hi everyone!

Very quick post. I need to postpone the bloggers yoga class planned for tomorrow, June 19.

The bad news: I had a very excruciating attack of pain due to kidney stones over the weekend and had to be confined. I was discharged today with oral meds to see if stones will melt away in 2 weeks.

The good news: it gives us another chance to organize a larger bloggers yoga class some time in the future. So many wishing to join if not for schedules (the daily grind, you know!). But it’s exciting to think about the possibility of truly organizing a class made up mostly of bloggers, after which we can continue bonding over lunch or dinner.

When I am up and about, I will write a post on a realization after this confinement. Being fit does not necessarily equate to being healthy. 

Wishing you all health, contentment, love and a long life! -)

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A Bloggers Yoga Class is A-Brewing!

An exciting fitness event is coming up this Tuesday, June 19 in the Ortigas area — an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment yoga class to be attended by 4 bloggers!

Just through email and chats, 3 wonderful, daring bloggers (2 of whom are PMN mommies) plan to join me at Vinyasa Yoga Center this coming Tuesday, June 19, for the 11:00 AM class — Cathy, Dine and Jayvee.

Our goal? An hour and a half of great yoga and a simple bonding-over-lunch afterwards at Greenhills Christian Fellowship (just a stone’s throw away from the yoga center).

What truly amazes me is this — I still have to personally meet Cathy and Jayvee. Ang lalakas ng loob ng mga ito to trust me, sight unseen! Hahahaha….

In case any of you are free and wish to join us, invitations are open. Drop me a line at my newly-born yoga blog, The Yogini From Manila. You may also email me at <>. Here are some more details:

* Venue is Vinyasa Yoga Center, 17/F, Strata 100 Bldg, Felix Ortigas Road (formerly Emerald Ave.), Ortigas Center. There are several open, pay parking areas in the vicinity. There is one right beside the building.

* Please be there before 11 AM. Classes start promptly and it is recommended that you do some warm-up exercises prior to actual class

* Attire: For tops — spandex top or loose tshirt. Bottoms: shorts or jogging pants. Bring a small towel to wipe off sweat.

* The Center has yoga mats for first-timers (bring your own if you have one). However to ensure there will be enough mats, anyone interested has to contact me prior to Tuesday.

* Preferably eat at least 2 hours before 11AM so your food has time to digest. Sufficient hydration (drinking water) prior to class is highly recommended but NO DRINKING OF WATER DURING THE CLASS PROPER.

* The center is still in the process of putting in a shower area so bring extra set of clothes.

* The trial session costs P400.


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My Yoga Blog is Born


This week is a birthday of sorts. I decided to open up a new blog solely for yoga.

It had been on my mind for some time already. I still have to see a comprehensive site or blog that would list yoga studios throughout the Philippines (in case there are people who wished to start their yoga practice outside of MM or Luzon but did not know where to go). I also dreamt of putting everything I wanted to know, already knew or wished to share about yoga into this one site, rather than mix them all up with this site.

For now, this blog is a work in progress….and I think it will never stop being one. There will always be something new about yoga that you and I can discover, experience and share.

Come visit me at The Yogini from Manila. Namaste.

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Our Friendly Neighborhood Guy…

Had a L-O-N-G afternoon with 4 of my yoga friends. We had lunch (another excuse for bonding), did some serious talking about something we 4 were getting into, and broke up around 4:00 pm.

V wanted to buy some groceries and we were also looking for a shop that photocopied some documents so off to V-Mall we went. As we passed by Toy Kingdom, a huge crowd was gathering at the display windows. Guess who was inside — good ol’ Spidey!!!

Just could not let an opportunity pass me by so off I went inside the store, making my way inch by inch to the front where I snapped several pics of the sticky guy.

This was the best shot I got. I REALLY have to work on my photography skills!!!!

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Vinyasa Yoga Center

(UPDATE: This yoga center is now CLOSED)

I am taking hatha yoga at the Vinyasa Yoga Center under Pio Baquiran. Not only is Pio a great yoga teacher (he takes pains to check one’s posture and knows when to challenge you to do more advanced poses while also pulling back to easier poses when he senses you need to) but yoga itself has toned my body, given me a lot more stamina, and has made me healthier than I have been in years. Pio is a strict vegetarian, the sign of a real yogi. He is certified as a yoga instructor as well.

The Center, located at the 17th floor of Strata 100, Felix Ortigas Road (formerly Emerald Ave.)., Ortigas Complex, is managed by Minna Estrada (partnering with Pio). Classes are structured for different levels of students and even includes yoga for kids and monthly vegetarian cooking classes. The Center itself is well maintained, has a reception area, dressing area, restroom, large workout area with wooden floors and surrounded by mirrors and electric fans, and dimmer lights (great for meditation and the cooling down period at the end). About the only thing that the Center lacks right now is a shower area (for lack of space — but I hear that is in the expansion blueprint).

If you have been sedentary for a long time and not the fitness buff who spends hours in gyms and outdoor sports, consider yoga. It is a holistic, practical alternative way to health and stress detoxification..

I’ve been at it for about 10 months now and have no regrets whatsoever except that I should have started yoga years ago. It not only trains the body but more importantly, disciplines the mind.

The icing on the cake is that the regular group of yoginis like me who have committed to our yoga regimen are great companions, terrific motivators and just wonderful girl friends!

Vinyasa Yoga Center

17/F Strata 100 Bldg.

Felix Ortigas Road, Ortigas Complex

Pasig City

Tel. 637-9003; CP: (0920) 947-5915

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