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With the advent of social media and the use of emerging technologies that now help drive marketing campaigns, companies that stay ‘invisible’ or under the radar on cyberspace are definitely at a disadvantage. More and more, as people (your current and potential customers) move online and into social networking sites, it is important — no, IMPERATIVE — that your company needs to be where they are, ready to provide information, answer their queries, as well as provide support in different situations. Being able to provide your valued customers with added insights that highlight the importance of your various products and services to their lives can spell the difference in terms of a longer-term relationship with them.

This is where we (Noemi Lardizabal-Dado and Jane T. Uymatiao) believe we will be of help in providing your organization with the insights, preparations, and programs based on a strategic plan that fully integrates the use of social media.


We believe in providing each client with a tailored social media strategy – one that requires a thorough understanding of the industry in which the client operates, the nature of engagement required on social media, and the demographics and online behavior of its customers. For training programs and lectures, we provide anything that can be as short as half-day to 1-day lectures that you can integrate into your company’s personal development or staff training programs. On the other hand, we can also work with you to develop longer-term, more detailed and focused courses of action in the form of consultancy services that will address social media, branding, or other topics in an in-depth manner.

Services that we offer:


1. Social Business Consultancy

Social media presence is no longer a “nice to have” feature of your business. It is a “must have” to be present on social media and give personality and better customer service to your customers and clients. We can help you align your business goals with social media engagement. Applying a new philosophy and methodology to your digital approach will naturally make your business and your overall strategy…meaningful and social.

2. Social Media Resource Speaker

Speaking topics include:

a) Personal Branding: What you want to be known for
b) Brand advocacy- effectively turning customers into brand advocates is a company wide effort
c) Social media content
d) Developing a crisis communication plan
e) How to develop social-media enabled leaders in their spheres of influence
f) Using social media to advocate for social good (company advocacy work, disaster risk reduction;
g) Elements of digital citizenship


a) Social media 101
b) Be a Social Connoisseur, Blogging tips, Effective ways to engage on Twitter and Facebook
c) Making it cool to be a “good digital citizen” (children)
d) A Digital Footprint is Forever… (children)
e) The recipe for being digitally smart: digital citizenship, digital participation, digital discipline (parents)
f) Personal branding — your identity online (children and young adults)
g) A proactive approach to cyberbullying (parents and children)
h) A safe school program to prevent bullying, abuses and discrimination
i) Mom-isms for the digital age – How to engage in social media (parents and
j) Writing Well under the Shadow of Internet Libel (parents and children)


a) Helping our kids manage their digital footprint safely
b) Social media and our kids
c) How parents can help our kids who are cyberbullied
d) Forming our children into productive digital citizens in society
e) Is there such a thing as too much digital time?
f) Our generation vs Generation C (Connected)
g) Talking to Children about, and preparing for, natural disasters
h) Helicopter Parenting : The perfect balance between caring and letting go


You can reach me (Jane) at <thephilippinebeat@gmail.com>. You may also use the contact form below. We’d love to sit down and discuss your needs with you and how we can help.

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