Losers Can Be Winners After All!

The launch of the David and Goliath line of tees happened in the form of a blogger losers’ party at mag:net cafe, Boni High Street last May 6.

Founded by Todd Goldman in 2000, David & Goliath is an American clothing company that makes tees with slogans which regular clothing outlets would never dare print but which Todd’s brand gets away with. This guy, who doodled his way to creating these “misfits” while taking Accountancy, has a collection of 57 characters (of which 21 are available locally).

I arrived at the venue pretty much on time. Actually…a bit ahead of the 8PM starting time in the invite. But guess what! Aileen was way, way ahead of me and having her caricature done by an artist at the bar!

I got a table for 4 near the front (for my myopic eyes) and Noemi and daughter Marielle joined me later on.

Funny man Gabe Mercado was host for the night and boy, did he keep everyone laughing with his quips!

He got us thinking of “loser” titles beginning from A all the way to Z! Then made us play charades by guessing the loser title being acted out (and my team composed of Noemi, Aileen, Shari, Jehzlau and moi were losers enough to think that since we were losing the game, they would award the prize to us. In our dreams!).

Later, Gabe got chicken-at-iblog4 guy Arthur to play the Dating Game with Arthur asking 3 questions and through sheer chicken genius, ended up guessing the correct characters of his 3 “dates”: Miss Bitch, Mr. Well Hung and Miss Gossip Queen.

Noemi and I won “Bloggers Suck” tees (the very same ones we were earlier admiring on Dingdong) just because we were chosen as the “most enthusiastic bloggers” during the powerpoint presentation of David & Goliath. (Hey, it must have been because Noemi had her to-die-for Nikon D40 DSLR and I was shamelessly taking videos of everyone and everything).

Then I won another bag of goodies for jokingly defining the word apositive as “the opposite of anegative”. So being a stupid loser pays after all, huh?

And every blogger went away with still another bag of goodies from David & Goliath. Here is everything I had inside the loot bags:

If you squint your eyes and look carefully at the top, you will see — YES, a P1,000 GC — enough to buy another one of those David & Goliath tees which run around P995 each (I am swinging between choosing “Miss PMS” or “Miss Trophy Wife”). No, maybe “Miss Bitch” or “Miss Gold Digger” is more dramatic, hehehe.

So, who says losers can’t be winners?

Here, meet all the LOSERS who came to the loser party.

Of course, blogger events like these mean that bloggers blog about the bloggable event. Here are links to some of them as taken from Noemi’s list — since loser ME has had no time to go blog hopping).












Chicken Mafia










If you blogged about it and I missed you, please holler and post the URL below. After all, that is why I am such a LOSER. Not only am I probably the last person to blog about the event but I also have my very own senior moments! 🙂

One last plug: David & Goliath outlets can be found at Boni High Street, Power Plant Mall, TriNoma, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Place Manila Midtown, and Rustan’s Makati. Thank you for making us losers, WINNERS!

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Bloggers Blog about iblog4

Just a few days after iblog4, the blogosphere is a-buzzing with post after post from people who were there. I went on Google and blogs in search of people who posted.


Well, I want to make a list of blogs down here and continue touching base with bloggers (way, way ahead of iblog5!, hehehe).

To the iblog 4 bloggers >>> There were just so many of you to meet (I hope we can linger longer next time) but I sure will try to include as many of you here so I can at least drop by your blogs and say hi there. If you posted and I somehow missed you in this blogroll, pls leave me a comment with your URL so I can update the list.

1. Manolo Quezon – Rectal Discombobulation

2. Aileen Apolo – Snippets from the iblog4 and 88DB.com Bloggers Party

3. Mike Abundo – Avi Siwa at iblog4, iblog4 Videos, iblog4 photos

4. Ria Jose – iblog4 part 1

5. ChickenMafia.com – Chickens invade iblog4

6. Azrael Coladilla – iblog4: 4th Philippine Blogging Summit 2008

7. Ade Magnaye – iblog4 and the 88DB.com Blogger’s Night

8. Arbet – Lost at iblog4

9. Jester – The Jester-in-Exile goes to iblog4 and the 88DB.com Bloggers’ Party

10. Julie – Blog Events, iBlog4

11. Janette – iblog4 Afterglow

12. Batang Yagit – Live Blogging iblog4

13. Marcelle – iblog4 Roundup

14. Blogie – Liveblogging iblog 4: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , after iblog4

15. Raredog – iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party

16. Realcutie – iblog4 Summit

17. AJ – iblog4 Live Video Streaming

18. Ambo – iblog4 Experience

19. Marhgil Macuha – 10 Things I Learned/Discovered at iblog4

20. Sarah – iblog4 ramblings

21. Dexter – iblog4 Blogger’s Summit and Meet Up

22. Rebyu – iblog4 Summit

23. Arnold – The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit – iBlog4

24. morph – iblog4: The Day After

25. FilipinaImages – FilipinaImages.com at Iblog4 Summit

26. Jerome – iBlog4

27. Jay – Unofficial Philippine Blogger Day

28. umleo23.com – Umleo23.com in iBlog4 Summit???

29. Arpee – Iblog4 Summit bloggers party with 88db.com

30. Maki – Being Offline is Fun

31. Prudence – My First Blogging Summit and The After Party

32. Fritz – Another Year, Another iBlog Summit (iBlog4 Delayed Reaction)


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iblog4 (old friends, new friends)

For the second time in a row, I was able to attend a blogger summit. Called iblog4 (its their 4th year), the summit (held at UP’s Malcolm Hall auditorium) brought together bloggers from everywhere and from all walks of life. It was a full day covering a wide spectrum of topics.

Last year, I attended alone, driven only by my growing passion for blogging, and met the bloggers who would change my blogging life. This year, I had the wonderful chance to have Chona, my yoga mate and co-blogger, with me.

The summit was of interest to media. In the morning, it was ABC5. And in the afternoon, the folks from GMA7 (Inquirer.net) came over. The whole place was WIFI-ed so bloggers with laptops were able to blog live. There was also a hook-up on the web that allowed people who were unable to make it to the venue to follow the sessions AND post their questions to the speakers! Woohoo, high tech!

Charo Nuguid covered Blogging 101 (tips for newbie bloggers and maybe a tip or two for more seasoned ones).

Brian Gorrell (yes, the same Aussie blogger who is pursuing the return of his life’s savings from his former Pinoy lover) sent in a vlog with tips on how to maintain one’s blog. Below is the video clip, courtesy of Brian’s YouTube channel.

Juan Carlo Licudine talked about his move from student to problogger as well as the pros and cons of problogging. Hmmm, after he revealed the monetary potentials for problogging, I think it got a lot of the student audience VERRRRYYYY interested!

Juned Sonido covered the world of photoblogs (what it is, what you need, how different is it from photo galleries/albums posted online, etc). Juned amused everyone as he literally unloaded his equipment onto a long table onstage (most of his smaller cams were taken out of several pockets of his cargo pants!).

Jonas Diego updated us on the world of blog comics (or is it comic blogs???). Apparently, it is not always printed comics that get on to the world wide web. In his case, an interested investor saw his blog comics and asked that these be published in print.

Lunch break was a time to fellowship with other bloggers. I found myself having discussions over packed lunches with Noemi, JJ Disini (a leading internet lawyer) and Chona. We got into a discussion about the prospects of libel vs bloggers (with Brian Gorrell’s blog being one of our subjects). Much later, we were joined by Mike Abundo (whom I first met at the Happy Slip Meet-and-Greet) and Azrael Coladilla.

The afternoon sessions were just as interesting as the morning:

Aileen Apolo and Coy Caballes did their presentation on Vlogging (video blogging) and podcasting via what else? A vlog!!!! That was cool! I think this has given me a lot of tips and ideas are now swimming around my brain!

They were followed by several speakers who talked about blogging during the 2010 elections and how we as bloggers can possibly be part of that coverage. They emphasized the importance of bloggers getting involved way ahead of 2010 in preparing different courses of action to get ready to cover the elections. A mini blogging summit covering elections was done last November and Janette said that another one may happen end of 2008.

In the order of their talks on Blogging for 2010 Elections were:

Luz Rimban

Manuel L. Quezon III

Janette Toral

JJ Disini then covered the legal issues surrounding blogging such as copyright infringements, libel, and other such areas. An active open forum ensued as bloggers fielded questions to him and which JJ answered with huge doses of humor.

My dear friend Noemi covered the next topic on Blogging for Advocacy where she spoke about one of her and Dine’s latest advocacies, The Filipina Images: Reshaping the Filipina Image Online, which seeks to improve the Filipina’s image globally by influencing the SEO ranking when people use search engines to find terms such as “Filipina” and direct them to wholesome sites on the Filipina.

Last but definitely not the least was Ria Jose, from Davao City, who was one of a group of bloggers who are taking Mindanao blogging to a different level. I had the chance to chat with them afterwards and exchange contact numbers. You see, Davao City was the city of my childhood. Lots of wonderful memories of that place. Just learning that young bloggers are now talking of one of my favorite cities just brought back waves of memories. I just might hang around their blogs more often…..

There were light moments as well during the entire summit:

Marcelle, upon insistent public demand, performed a magic trick with the help of Sir Martin, his contemporary from that BLUE school where my girls study.

The hilarious guys from Chickenmafia.com had one of them come dressed as a chicken! Hey, heard they won best “Come As Your Blog” entry at the blog parteeh afterwards — which I obviously missed!!! Congrats, chickens! You deserve the award! After all the pains you went to making your props (yup, I read in your blog how you prepared this sans any craftmaking background!)

And of course, nothing was complete without photo ops at the end of it all. If anyone has a picture of the entire group, please please send me one!

The event was not just a chance to know more about blogging trends and tips. It was a great way to see old friends and meet new bloggers as well.

Here’s a shout out to the familiar blogger faces (definition: friends & people I met at iblog3):











And a big NICE TO MEET YOU to bloggers I met and chatted with for the first time:

A Mom and More

Ana Urbina

Azrael (AzraelsMerryland)

Blogie (Pinoytech.tv)

Jay (TitikPilipino.com)

JJ Disini

Martin (Sir Martin Perez to many)


Winston (BatangYagit.com)

I also got a chance to win a free FilipinaImages.com shirt during Noemi’s trivia portion! Thanks for egging me on, Dine! I’ll be SO PROUD to wear this around! I also want a pink shirt! 🙂

Great job to the entire iblog4 team (you know who you are)!!! And see you next year for iblog5.

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iblog4: The Bloggers’ Summit

Are you an active blogger? Then come join the Manila bloggers’ summit on April 26!

Last year, about this time, I came across an announcement about iblog3. Imagine, it was already the 3rd year running and I never even heard of such a summit. So, curious me decided to go attend even if I knew absolutely no one in the crowd. My first blog was just weeks old then and I knew next to nothing about stuff they talked about (problogging, Google Adsense, SEO, podcasting — DUHHHH!!!)

By the end of the 2-day conference, I had a pile of business cards from bloggers: probloggers, media bloggers, personal bloggers, and even vloggers. Not only that, I came to know the faces behind the more famous blogs you come across, got more-than-I-could-digest blogging information and even won a raffle prize.

This year, it will just be a 1-day event but still packed with very useful topics you could bring back home for your own blogs. Best of all, it is FREE!!!

Date: April 26, 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 9am – 5pm thereabouts
Place: Malcolm Theater, College of Law, UP Diliman

It’s better to reserve early so that you are sure to get a kit with handouts and be enrolled in their mailing list.

Here are some useful links:

iblog4 homepage

Register for iblog4

List of iblog4 registrants

Since joining iblog3 laslt year, my blogging life has never been the same. I now have thispublic blog as well as a yoga blog, The Yogini from Manila (chronicles of my life as a budding yogini). I  joined several blogger events and now count some of these long-time bloggers as my good friends.

Hope to see you there!

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My Day with Happy Slip

Feb. 7, 2008, Mag:net Cafe Bonifacio High Street, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

I was not familiar with the place and had to ask some security guards where Mag:net Cafe was. It was just a little before 11:00 and thankfully, the place was not yet full. After registering at the entrance, I made my way into the cafe and reserved the nearest table I could get. Dine and Noemi were still at Krispy Kreme and they soon arrived together with Tin Mandigma of WikiPilipinas and that made up our table of 4.

Christine arrived promptly but to the disappointment of many of us bloggers, she was immediately whisked to an open area of the cafe for media interviews. Thankfully, lunch (FREE!!!!) was served so we had time to socialize and catch up among bloggers. I went around meeting those I knew virtually but was seeing in the flesh for the first time (people like Manuel and Angel Viloria, Anton, Jayvee, Juned and Ivan Henares).

After the media interviews, Christine’s also famous cousin, Josh Verdes, who composed many of the songs featured in her videos, sang 3 of the more popular ones on YouTube (Save Me, Home, and Love At First Sight). Then Christine gave her opening remarks, gamefully answered some questions (sometimes acting out her other family members — to everyone’s delight), and spent time with each and every one of us for a short chitchat, autograph signing, and pictures.

When I got to the front of the line, I told Christine that my 2 girls felt bad that they had to be in school and could not come with me. But she accommodated my request to personally write to them (and a niece) using stationery that I had brought along with me. She also autographed a picture of herself in Luneta which Yehey.com provided all of us.

Towards the end, as everyone got their moment with her, I was able to go back to her with my videocam to get a personal message for my girls (and she cheerfully did, to the delight of my girls). Josh was also able to give them his own message so I think my mission was more than accomplished that day.

We were one of the last to leave Mag:net. We watched from the 2nd floor as Christine was mobbed by adoring fans while she was in her coaster. This is what is amazing about this bubbly girl. She was all heart for everyone she met. Even while inside her vehicle, she went all the way to the back and continued smiling for the small crowd that had patiently waited for her on the street since they could not enter the venue. Waving, smiling, pretending to cry (to show them how she wished she had more time to meet them). And when her coaster sped away, she continued waving from the rear window of the coaster. Such a wonderful, beautiful person inside and out….

Now that she is back in the States, we sit back to wait eagerly for her to edit what must be volumes and volumes of footage from her trip to the Philippines. I am sure what will come out of that will be hilarious at times; but more than just funny, it will be videos filled with love, warmth and sunshine….because that is what we saw from the real Happy Slip.

Christine, no doubt about it…you are one heck of a Philippine Ambassadress. We hope you can come visit more often to get to know your heritage. You bring Philippine sunshine and warmth with you wherever you go and likewise, we will always carry you with us in our hearts.

I will upload YouTube videos of her opening remarks and Q & A portion soon. Watch out for it here.

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Meet-and-Greet in Manila for Happy Slip!

Hi All, Thank you for confirming your participation in the Happy Slip Meet-and-Greet this coming February 7, Thursday at Mag:net Café, Bonifacio High Street from 11:00AM-3:00PM. You are one of the lucky 100 bloggers to join us in this rare opportunity in meeting Filipina YouTube sensation Ms. Christine Gambito brought to us by the Department of Tourism.

And with that confirmation email, I will join 99 other selected bloggers who will get to meet Christine Gambito (a.k.a. Happy Slip), our Ambassadress of Tourism.

When I posted a comment on Anton’s blog and emailed Yehey.com at their Happy Slip site, I never expected to get in, considering Christine’s thousands of fans here in the Philippines. But I got in!

Am I excited or am I excited?

Well, not only is it a chance to meet, greet and blog about Christine, the FilAm YouTube celebrity whose funny videos on Pinoy life have garnered her over 100,000 subscribers to her channel, but I am also looking forward to being with mommy blogger friends, Dine and Noemi.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Yehey.com, and Euro RSCG. Kudos to all you guys for bringing over someone who so positively portrays the Philippines even when in her adopted homeland!!!

Watch out for my Happy Slip blog post….sooon!!! With pictures, I hope!

Now — to have my son M1 teach me how to operate our new videocam……

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