2012 – Year of the Water Dragon

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve and it is a time of waiting and celebration as we welcome in the Year of the Water Dragon.

(taken from dragonmyths.blogspot.com)

Of all the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, only the Dragon is mythical and has never been seen by human eye. This is probably one reason why the Chinese go to great lengths to have a dragon baby.

In our family, our eldest girl is an Earth Dragon. And many predict that as 2012 is a Dragon year, the world population will spike as families purposely try to have a dragon baby. Bad news for population watchers!

The Mayan calendar may predict 2012 as the end of what we know as our world but in the Chinese calendar, the Yang Water Dragon is bringing possibilities for good fortune.

Today, the Chinese community in the Philippines will celebrate New Year’s Eve by coming together over lunch and/or dinner. Houses would have been cleaned and swept free of debris. Dragon figurines and fortune plants adorn the house. Those steeped in tradition will strictly follow feng shui advice. As it’s a Sunday today, I am also sure we will see a lot of people in our parish come dressed in red. And maybe tonight, we will hear a round of fireworks.


An antigue dragon lantern stand I inherited from my grandparents


Dragon figurines in our living room

To everyone, here is my family’s greetings for the Chinese New Year. May it be a year of blessings, prosperity, peace and hope for you and your loved ones.



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