HSBC Recognizes 5 Outstanding High School Principals

I am one who believes that education is so important to lifting those below and right at the poverty levels from their unfortunate circumstances. That is why, despite often busy schedules, I always try to make time to support causes related to academe.

Recently, HSBC invited me to witness their awarding ceremonies for 5 outstanding public high school principals who had effectively transformed their elementary schools through the HSBC Principals Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Program (PLP).

Brief Background on HSBC’s PLP

HSBC PLP is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is an undertaking taken with SAS, a non-government organization (NGO) whose aim is to bridge the education gap. SAS was founded in 2001 by philanthropist Lizzie Zobel and Margarita Delgado.

In 2009, SAS and HSBC launched PLP in response to Republic Act 9155 which gave principals full authority and responsibility for effectively managing their schools. PLP helps principals identify the needs and problems of their schools and community and equips them with necessary tools to revise the standard curriculum to address such needs/problems.

After a 3-year educator training program, HSBC chose five outstanding principals who, in their own ways, transformed their elementary schools.

Since its inception PLP has already trained about 200 principals nationwide. Through this progoram, a Principal’s Handbook was developed by SAS and distributed to guide principals in their daily work as leaders in their own communities.

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