Has Crime Become THIS BAD?????

I had not walked home in a while so today, as I was coming from the boys’ school, I saw this new sign on one of the trees along our street.

We have had a spate of robberies around our area. Some houses have been burglarized, motorcyclists riding in tandem have snatched bags and cellphones around our area. We have actually been quite concerned about the rise in such incidents and have brought this up with our barangay heads. But this sign is something else!

Do you think this is a genuine MMDA sign?

(WARNING: Robbers or those who swipe side mirrors attack at dawn. They ride motorcycles in tandem or go back and forth before attacking. If any of you see or catch them, please beat them up first before putting them in jail – MMDA)

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‘Happy Slip’ Comes to the Philippines!

The FilAm YouTuber, Christine Gambito, whose Happy Slip channel now has over a 100,000 subscribers and whose very humorous videos focus on the life of Pinoys trying to make it in a foreign land, is in town.

Never heard of her? Head off to her YouTube channel and get loads of laughs!

She was recently chosen by the DOT as the Philippine Ambassador of Tourism and her wide following on YouTube is expected to generate interest among Filipinos in the US, including Americans, to visit the Philippines.

I was curious about Christine’s choice of title for her YouTube channel until I read that ‘Happy Slip’ came from her Mom’s way of saying “half slip” (hap e-slip). Hehe, isn’t that so Pinoy?

Christine successfully mimics several “family members” all played by her (her Mom, her Dad, her aunt, a FilAm cousin, etc). She gives each of them a Pinoy accent, a way of speaking, Pinoy habits, Pinoy expressions, etc.

She has made over 40 videos to-date and many of them are really so hilarious. This lady is a looker and yet she does comedy with aplomb. No wonder she won second place for Best Comedy in March 2007 at the YouTube Video awards!!! Believe it or not, her comedy sketches have already been viewed over 30 million times!

See a sample of one of these videos aptly called “Morning Meest” (guess what the meest is!):

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