Kefir: A Post for my Readers

(Update: My own kefir grains died some time back so I won’t be able to provide any for now. But I do have a small community on my Facebook page, Manila Kefir Sharing, where you can post a request for kefir grains. Just provide your location as well so potential donors can check if they are near you.)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about kefir. But my past posts on kefir continue to draw responses from readers who have been asking me for free grains.

To those who have left comments on my other kefir posts, please be patient. I’ve got only a limited batch of kefir and I cannot give out to all of you immediately as I need to wait till the grains multiply before dividing them. I am trying to arrange pickup of the grains on a first come, first serve basis and I will email you privately if your grains are ready for pickup.

This is a chance for those who have already received my grains to pay it forward by dividng and donating your excess kefir grains. If you have received grains from me and you are willing to be part of the donation process, please email me privately or leave your email address in the comments section below. I hope we can get a good number of kefir users to share their grains as well.

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