A Recycled Computer Table

I have this beautiful computer table made of synthetic wood. When I bought it, it was just perfect for me. It had a pullout drawer for the keyboard and mouse, a recessed stand for my CRT monitor, and an eye-level shelf for the printer. On the left side was a small area where CD covers could be slotted in and on the lower right side was space for the CPU. Directly below the keyboard area was another shelf for other stuff like my CDs.

But when I moved to a laptop, there was no need for the table. And yet I needed a decent work area instead of my bed converted into my working table. Of course there are days when I opt to sit on my floor and work from a collapsible low table (sitting on the floor is a great yoga hip-opener). But on other days, I want to sit properly. After all, right over my computer table is a very bright fluorescent light and a computer chair that had not been used in ages.

I was thinking of donating the table but the thought of plunking down money to buy yet another table did not really appeal to me. So today, I tried something different. I decided to recycle the computer table.

This is how it looks now.


The printer was moved to the top of my filing cabinet. A scanner used to be there but it was no longer compatible with my Macbook so it moved out. Where the printer used to be, I placed my pen holders, memo and post-it-note holder. Also put a small electric fan there.

The keyboard area became an area for storing press kits and papers that I needed to write about. The mouse area still served its purpose. Where the CPU used to be is a free space so for now, I drop the bag I regularly use there so that I can just pick it up when I leave to go out (I do not change bag often). And the lowest shelf near my feet houses my external hard drives, a UPS and a few folders.

My next move is to rearrange some stuff so I do not have too many wires and cables going here and there. But that requires a trip to CD-R King to check on their cable organizers. And I still do not know what to do with the recessed stand for the CRT monitor since it is slanted. I have to check to see if I can raise it so that instead of being slanted, it is level with the floor. That can become another place for my papers and stuff.

There, I saved myself some money and put to use a space that has remained unusable for some time now.

How do you like my recycling attempt? Got any other ideas to reuse what seems to be obsolete stuff around your home?


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The Ultimate ‘Survivor’ Show: Let’s Reverse Climate Change Effects NOW!

My country, the Philippines, has just been hit by a one-two hard punch when Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) and Typhoon Parma (Pepeng) hit us one week apart.

Gen. de Jesus St.

The view from a street very near home

Tropical Storm Ketsana which was overly underrated by everyone since it was just like a typical storm passing over our lands, unexpectedly dumped one month’s worth of rains in just about 6 hours, flooding most of Metro Manila and catching everyone unprepared.

Typhoon Parma, which at its strongest was a Category 5, missed Metro Manila by a miracle but slammed into Northern Luzon, lingered, went out into the South China Sea, drawn back to Northern Luzon by another super typhoon east of the Philippines and devastated Northern Luzon a second and a third time. Several dams had to release water to ease the pressure on its walls but the amount of water released and the speed with which it ran down the surrounding areas, caught many people unprepared in the middle of the night. By morning, so many people had drowned, were caught in landslides, homeless and cut off from the rest of the island.

The damage is not only to agricultural farm lands and personal property. The trauma owing to loss of lives has hit both young and old. We are still in the midst of understanding exactly what has happened and WHY it happened.

The Philippines has always been in the path of typhoons. I remember as a young girl, typhoons were regular fare. Once in a while, a pretty strong one would hit but these were few and far between. Why is it that these days, the typhoons’ intensity has grown immensely that Category 3 or 4 storms are coming in more regularly?

I can only think of one thing: CLIMATE CHANGE.

Today is Blog Action Day 2009 and the theme, very aptly, is just that – climate change. It’s not a concern for just a community or country. This affects all of us on planet Earth, whether we live in a 1st world country or a 3rd world nation like the Philippines. The bottom line for us all is this – if we want to have a shot at surviving on this Earth much longer, we need to take better care of Mother Nature because all the abuse that we have reaped on it for decades is boomerang-ing and coming back to us with a vengeance.

In my own country, there are so many points of action that the government and the individual citizens can take to reduce the dire effects of climate change:

1. Urban planning that makes sense – My heart was heavy as I watched a show with a highly respected urban planner who said that Metro Manila had an urban plan from 32 years ago which was never implemented. Instead what happened was that people were allowed to set up house and purchase land in places designated as no man’s land (meaning, it was not safe to build on it) or to put up houses, malls and other buildings in areas designated as agricultural land or park areas. Had we heeded this plan and had our government had the willpower and tenacity to carry it out, there would be no people stranded in low-lying areas which were designated as unsafe for housing and yet were somehow allowed to build on it.

2. Strict recycling policies – Enough of the start-stop programs! We used to have recycling programs which stated which kind of trash should go in the color-coded trash bags. There was a time when I saw green, black, yellow, even red trash bags in the supermarkets and citizens were supposed to segregate properly or else trash would not be collected. So what happened to that program? I don’t see it being followed although here at home I still try to segregate those which are non-recyclable from those that are. I heard that even during the short life of that program, there were people who diligently segregated trash, only for some garbage collectors to dump them all together once these reached the waste dumps.

3. Cut out the plastics! – Truly, we are choking our planet slowly to death with plastics. In fact, while relief operations are a welcome sight these days, they pose another threat, which is the proliferation of plastic bags and pet bottles which may not be properly disposed by the flood victims. I hope we get to the day when all of us will use biodegradable materials in all our products and deliberately buy eco-friendly products instead of those which further harm our planet.

4. Support the Kyoto Protocol – This map, taken from Wikipedia, shows the countries that have ratified this agreement to reduce greenhouse gases.

Countries supporting Kyoto Protocol

I am happy to note that the Philippines has signed this treaty (although signing and doing are 2 different things!). What saddens me is that the United States is shown here as NOT having any intentions of ratifying the agreement. All I can think of now is — WHY?????

5. Actively support the move to renewable energy – My dear friend, Vince Perez, who used to be Energy Secretary, is now very actively involved in a company called Alternergy, which aims to be the leading renewable power company within emerging countries in Asia. Bravo, Vince! We need more proactive people like you who are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and seek alternative energy sources. He and his partners are looking at harnessing the power of wind, small hydro, biomass, geothermal and solar resources. I hope the next administration, come 2010, and all succeeding administrations, will put its executive power solidly behind companies and efforts such as this.

If we address these 5 items above as starters and we move both as responsible individual citizens, as a nation, and as a community of nations, I believe we can still mitigate the dire and fatal effects of climate change.

The time to act is NOW!

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