My Second Life Coaching Lesson with Coach Pia

The SoMoms had another life coaching session with Coach Pia recently. After my first coaching session with her, I realized how important it was to have a life coach that can look at your state of life and concerns from an objective and FEMALE (important!) point of view.

Click here to find out how my first life coaching session with Coach Pia went.


Coach Pia

Coach Pia coaching the SoMoms and other mommy guests


Coach Pia mentioned several factors that make a relationship with one’s spouse a healthy one:

(1) I can be myself – I can still be myself while nurturing my partner (AUTHENTICITY)

 I can trust myself – I can trust my partner (BASIC TRUST)

(2) I feel respected – I respect my partner (BASIC RESPECT)

I feel understood – I can understand my partner (DEEPER UNDERSTANDING)

(3) I can nurture our children – Our children feel nurtured by us (BASIC PARENTING)

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