A Taxing Season

This weekend finds me turning my attention to taxes.

There are real estate taxes to pay. I just finished paying off the taxes for the land where our home stands on. There went a huge chunk of my home budget.

Now I need to send out checks to various Treasurer’s Offices. Not that we have a lot of properties. My Dad passed away years ago with tiny properties here and there but the effort to pay the taxes (writing checks, preparing covering letters, mailing them out via registered mail) is the same as having large tracts of land.

I also just recently renewed my cedula, will renew my professional tax license, and by April, pay my income tax. Add another month and tuition fees will be upon us.

Such a TAXING SEASON indeed!

For legit, working citizens like myself, paying taxes lops off a huge chunk of take home pay but it is a duty that everyone has to one’s country.

I cannot help but think though that those who are in power and who are deeply into corruption are taking home so many millions more than ordinary citizens like myself and get away without paying the corresponding taxes on them.

If there was such a thing as a Corruption Tax that charges a certain percentage for every kickback made, I think that tax would build more roads, feed more poor, erect more public schools, provide potable water, bring electricity to many parts of this impoverished country of ours.

The Government is supposed to be the good steward of monies received from its citizens. When that money is squandered and goes to the pockets of people in power, the citizens are left thinking what the heck they are paying their taxes religiously for.

I am not advocating that we stop paying our taxes. I just wish our leaders would realize just how much it takes from each and everyone of us to pay them and finally, finally put it where it is needed most.




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