100 !

At the risk of having my yoga mates throw their mats at me…(just kidding yoga mates! I know you practice ahimsa — nonviolence)

Despite the possibility of teasing from family and friends who are on the opposite side of this battle…..

I daresay this…

Finally, after what seemed like a futile effort, I have managed to bring my weight to 100 pounds.

And for those who didn’t know, I was not battling to lose weight.  Rather, I had been trying for months to GAIN weight.

Yes, believe it or not, I was having just as hard a time keeping pounds on as my women friends were attempting to lose them. I was DESPERATE!

At my worst condition, my usual 105 pounds dropped to 95. I saw bones sticking out of my shoulders, my face (unfortunately, in women it is the face that collapses first though I wish that happened first to my thighs!) became gaunt at one time. People I had not seen for a while expressed surprise at my weight loss.

It started with my having adult braces. It was difficult to eat well for many, many months. Mouth sores were almost daily fare. Aside from that, my regular yoga practice sped up my metabolism and most likely brought it back to the metabolism rate of my youth because no matter what I ate, the calories were all burned up immediately. Last year, I also got hit by an attack of kidney stones which landed me in hospital twice in the span of 2 months.

But now, I am almost at the end (I hope!) of my brace-ful life. If my teeth cooperate as the lower set is being pushed back to correct my bite, I may be off these metal contraptions within the year! Woohoo!

I still have a-ways to go before reaching my normal weight of 105 but crossing 100 is a milestone I wish to relish for now.

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