The Philippines says #PHthankyou to the world


We may be a Third World country lacking in so many things that First World nations have in abundance. But let it not be said that we lack gratitude.

My own Mom always drilled this into me. Say “Thank you”. As a kid, I heard her tell me this so many times. It almost sounded like nagging when she’d remind, “Say thank you, say thank you…” But I’m glad she did.

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Some Philippine schools shift school opening to August


Who would ever have imagined it! My whole life, school always began in June and ended in March. But starting 2014, some schools will be shifting academic calendar by beginning in August and ending in May.

The first to announce the change is the University of the Philippines, which will implement the new academic calendar with the 2014-15 school year in the following constituent units: UP Manila, UP Los Baños, UP Baguio, UP Visayas (all campuses: Iloilo, Miag-ao, and Tacloban), UP Open University, and UP Cebu, according to this Rappler article. But did you notice the list still hasn’t included UP Diliman (UPD)? It appears more consultation is needed with UPD’s stakeholders, which they will be doing in the coming weeks.

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Goodbye, my friend Coy

I was a greenhorn blogger in 2007 attending my first ever iblog3 summit in UP. Back then, I was just a participant — listening and being in awe of the blogger speakers who, for me, were already popular and well known in the blogosphere.

One of those that struck me then and in succeeding iblog summits was one guy who started vlogging (that is a v, not a b) ahead of his time. While the rest of us were writing our thoughts down, Coy (then popularly known by the monicker CokskiBlue) was already making waves as one of, if not the first ever, video blogger.

Imagine, Coy was already vlogging as far back as 2007!

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Another Chapter in my Life Journey: Speaking and Social Business Consulting

“Life always has different chapters. You just can’t be in the same chapter forever. You’ll get stuck.” ~ @WilzKanadi

This quote jumped out at me as I was checking my Twitter timeline. I did not exactly think of my life in terms of chapters but when I look back, I can indeed see the “chapters” and how they have led me to where I am now and what I will be doing down the road.

Life has no limitations

(photo courtesy of “Inspire Positive Soul Sensations” on Facebook)

Chapter 1 – The Driven Life of a Type A Person

In this article, it says “Type A personalities experience a constant sense of urgency: Type A people seem to be in a constant struggle against the clock.  Often, they quickly become impatient with delays and unproductive time, schedule commitments too tightly, and try to do more than one thing at a time, such as reading while eating or watching television.

That pretty much summed me up during my growing up and early corporate years. I lead a very academic- and career-oriented life. Graduating at the top of my class in high school and college were the fruits of that labor. I was just as driven when I joined SGV (over 15 years) where I was exposed to financial audits, research, lectures and training, computer audits and IT consultancy.

In between projects abroad and local work, I also took a 2-year hiatus and went to Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania where I earned my MBA degree under a scholarship from SGV.

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Money Saving Tip: Pay Your Realty Tax Early


When do you pay your annual realty tax?

Sec. 60 of the Real Property Tax Code (or PD No. 464) states:

“Payment of real property taxes in installments. — Real property taxes may, in the discretion of the taxpayer, be paid without penalty in four equal installments; the first installment to be due and payable on or before March thirty-first; the second installment, on or before June thirty; the third installment, on or before September thirty; and the last installment, on or before December thirty-first, except the special levies authorized under Sections forty-seven and fifty-five of this Code which shall be governed by the local ordinance or Department Order issued by the Secretary of Finance, as the case may be.”

For taxpayers who choose to pay the entire year’s realty tax within the first quarter, there are discount incentives.

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My Second Life Coaching Lesson with Coach Pia

The SoMoms had another life coaching session with Coach Pia recently. After my first coaching session with her, I realized how important it was to have a life coach that can look at your state of life and concerns from an objective and FEMALE (important!) point of view.

Click here to find out how my first life coaching session with Coach Pia went.


Coach Pia

Coach Pia coaching the SoMoms and other mommy guests


Coach Pia mentioned several factors that make a relationship with one’s spouse a healthy one:

(1) I can be myself – I can still be myself while nurturing my partner (AUTHENTICITY)

 I can trust myself – I can trust my partner (BASIC TRUST)

(2) I feel respected – I respect my partner (BASIC RESPECT)

I feel understood – I can understand my partner (DEEPER UNDERSTANDING)

(3) I can nurture our children – Our children feel nurtured by us (BASIC PARENTING)

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