Goodbye, my friend Coy

I was a greenhorn blogger in 2007 attending my first ever iblog3 summit in UP. Back then, I was just a participant — listening and being in awe of the blogger speakers who, for me, were already popular and well known in the blogosphere.

One of those that struck me then and in succeeding iblog summits was one guy who started vlogging (that is a v, not a b) ahead of his time. While the rest of us were writing our thoughts down, Coy (then popularly known by the monicker CokskiBlue) was already making waves as one of, if not the first ever, video blogger.

Imagine, Coy was already vlogging as far back as 2007!

Coy iblog 4

Coy in a Cokskiblue shirt with Janette Toral during iblog4 (2008)

He was really good at it. He sounded like a radio broadcaster and his style of vlogging was very natural and often funny. So many of us were inspired and entertained by the different topics he put on video. I scoured his YouTube and here is one featuring several blogger friends (wow guys, ang babata pa ninyo dito!).

Then all of a sudden, my idol vlogger stopped vlogging. He moved on to other things including work with Globe. I attended so many Globe events and would bump into him most of the time. His work still involved bloggers but this time he was on the other side of the fence.

Coy with Globe 2010

I took this at one of the many Globe events with Coy (extreme right). We were all good friends and these times were always good times (L-R: Hannah, Vince, Noemi, Juned, Coy)

My last conversation with Coy was very short. How I wish I could have spoken to him. But I am happy that I was able to chat with him privately on Facebook and say hi. This is a screenshot of our very short chat on Facebook just a few days before he left for Cebu.

Chat with Coy


Bye for now, Coy. I am imagining you and AJ now making heavenly vlogs up there. Make lots of vlogs so we can all watch them when we join you someday, ok? Thank you so much for your sweet friendship. Somehow I know I will miss seeing that chin-up look that is so you. You fought the good fight. Your fighting spirit will always be an inspiration for all of us. Be at peace now…

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