BRACE Yourself for a New Diet Program

What diet program will definitely work since you have NO OPTION but to follow it?
What diet program won’t you wish upon your worst enemy?
What diet program, when finished, actually improves not just your body but your looks as well?

Scrap the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet and whatever ek-ek diet you’re on…’s the latest one that worked for me and I had no choice in the matter…..BRACES!!!!!

One vain moment months back, I went to see Lizette, a good friend and very popular orthodontist amongst the members of our community. I wanted her to check out my teeth alignment. Lizette ordered a panoramic x-ray, complete cast of my teeth, and mug shots (left, front, right — making me feel like a criminal being booked!). Upon close analysis by Lizette, it turns out that what I most needed was not just alignment of teeth. She told me I had TMJ (a condition whereby the angle of the jaws is shifting, and could eventually cause migraine and vertigo). I had no choice but to wear braces to correct the TMJ before the pain set in.

Since that fateful day in April 2006 when I began my journey into “Jaws” land (what I now call my mouth filled with these metal contraptions), I have had to undergo 2 molar extractions, and countless mouth sores. On each dental visit, after the tightening of the braces, attachment of even more wires and bands, my diet would consist of anything that can be swallowed without being chewed: mashed potatoes, lugaw, yogurt, milk, ice cream, soft fruits, oatmeal…(I think the only soft food I haven’t tried is Gerber).

My daughter Chrissie told me a couple of times, “Mom, now you know what I went through!” (she wore braces for 2 years and is off it already). Yes, I can now truly empathize with any person who is marked for braces and say, “Hindi ka nag-iisa!!!”

My weight has dropped to between 96 and 98 lbs. Thankfully, yoga has kept my stamina up and vitamins have kept my body resistance high. I am so looking forward to the day these metallic stuff come off. But the brighter side of all these NOW is that for once, I am trying to GAIN, not lose, weight. And it is not such a bad deal.

I eat when I want to, whatever I want to, NO GUILT TRIPS for me!!!!

But caveat before you say this program is for YOU as well. You may have a choice in the matter while I don’t. As I said in the beginning, I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

You want to lose weight? Go take YOGA instead…..

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