The P500 Kasoy

Last month, I arrived at the yoga center without having had the chance to take my afternoon merienda.  So when I saw I was early, and my yoga friend Chona was there, I asked her to accompany me downstairs to buy some fries from McDo.

Chona dissuaded me, claiming we still had to do our warm-ups and we could be late for classes. Besides, she said, the center had a plateful of cashew nuts we could munch on.

I should have listened to my intuition. I got a cashew, took one bite and heard an awful crack. A crown at the upper right of my mouth had split in 2.  So, a few days later, I had to go back to my ortho to have the crown replaced.  The cost? P500 buckaroos!!!

That was the most expensive kasoy in my entire life! From now on, I will swear off kasoy and all things nutty until these braces come off….

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0 thoughts on “The P500 Kasoy

  1. hi jane!

    i have a similar story: while killing time before a yoga class, i walked over to the snack bar and bought some exotic-looking piece of chocolate — some nutty, espresso-y thing. i unwrapped it and bit into it with my front teeth. and yes, just like you, i cracked my tooth! however, unlike you, i needed a post and a crown to restore the tooth. which means that it cost me way more than P500 ($10? nothing’s that cheap around here)!

    the moral of the story: don’t eat right before a yoga class, no matter how hungry you are 🙂

  2. Hi there joni!

    it’s so wonderful to wake up, open my blog and find a yogini like you from way over the other side of the world. i visited your blog and am amazed at the number of yoga studios in the L.A. area alone! Yoga is just starting to flourish here in Manila.

    Re the price of a crown here? haha. when converted to US dollars, everything in this country is CHEAP!

    Let’s stay in touch. I want to exchange views with you regarding our yoga experiences. Mine has been limited to hatha vinyasa yoga for now but I see you have references to all kinds of studios and instructors. Which type of yoga works best for you?

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