All Shall Be Well

When I feel down and out, this is a song that consoles me. All Shall Be Well is one of the songs from the album of Bukas Palad “Let Your Praises Be Heard”. What makes it extra special though is that its lyrics were done by Fr. Johnny C. Go, SJ and Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ. Fr. Johnny is our boys’ School Director; Fr. Manoling is the brother of a former colleague at work.

Just recently, I had a chance encounter with this song again. It’s funny since I had totally forgotten about it until just a few weeks ago when a blogger friend of mine, Cathy, did a post about it. Cathy had lost her son Migi in 1998 due to complications from open heart surgery. In his memory, she founded Migi’s Corner, a place for children, in government hospitals. To-date there are 13 such Migi’s Corners nationwide. Cathy recounts how a former Theology teacher of hers, now based in Norway, sent her The Migi’s Corner video with “All Shall Be Well” as the theme song. And even more surprising, she discovered that the singer in the video was her good friend, Bukas Palad singer Laine. The video came at the right time as she was about to celebrate another anniversary of Migi’s passing. It’s amazing how the Lord brings together people and events at just the right time!

The timing of everything was not lost on me. Currently, friends of ours in the States are in crisis. They had just recently moved there since the wife was to take up her new job. The husband, who already had a stroke in the Philippines, again had a stroke there, rendering him in coma and totally paralyzed. Without anything else to comfort her with, I remembered Cathy’s post and promptly sent the wife the YouTube version of this song.

And…as I wait for the Lord’s healing on me as I deal with painful bouts due to kidney stones, I turn back to this song to get reminded that He is always in control and…

All Shall Be Well.

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