A Thief in the Night

A good friend, a good mother and wife, staunchly protective of her family especially her sons, active in school, always willing to lend a helping hand…..

But the other day, I was enroute to work when a text message came in. Lucy had passed away in her sleep. Just like that. No forewarning, no illness. Nothing that foreshadowed her fate.

Our 2 boys both attended the China program of their school two years ago. My son then was a couch potato; so was hers. So during the boys’ free time in Xiamen, when most of the boys were out playing soccer or basketball, M1 took a stroll around the beautiful lake of Xiamen University….and bumped into Lucy’s son, likewise taking a stroll. There started a wonderful friendship between these 2 boys.

On their return to Manila, our sons continued to keep in touch and there were several Saturdays when M1 spent the day at their home with other friends, just bonding. Lucy, of course, was always there to see to the boys’ needs. And when it came time to get M1, she never hesitated to invite me in, making sure a glass of juice was served. That was typical Lucy.

It is so surreal that we will no longer meet. Just last week, we said Hi to each other as we hurried from classroom to classroom during parent-teacher conference day. Some of the other parents had their own stories to tell. One had just spoken with Lucy the night before she died; others had plans to meet up with her the next day for a game of badminton.

I now suddenly feel the fragility of life. One can be so vibrantly alive one day and lifeless the next. While it is good to plan ahead and plan well, it is better to always remember to live THE PRESENT as fully as one can.

Lucy’s passing has once more reminded me NOT to put off till tomorrow —

– saying “I love you” to the people I deeply care for;

– hugging my kids and telling them how much they mean to me;

– telling hubby how much appreciated he is for caring for our family;

– doing a good deed for someone in need;

– spreading cheer at work and at home;

– talking to the Lord and thanking Him for every breath I take during the day.

Lucy, you will be sorely missed. Most of all by your family whom you loved so much and who love you so much too. But also by your parent friends like us who have been with you these past years through all our school activities. Rest well, Lucy, in the arms of our Lord. Our paths will cross again someday and it will be in a much, much happier place.

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0 thoughts on “A Thief in the Night

  1. oh, that’s so sad. nothing prepares you for something as sudden and final as death. i’m no stranger to that, when my own father passed away last year. i hope her family will be fine.

    Jane: Hi there Pao! Thanks for dropping by. And sorry to hear about your dad. I lost mine in 2001 and know exactly what one goes through after losing a loved one. Her family is sorely missing her right now but only time can ease the pain. But they will be fine, eventually.

  2. Jane, this is so sad. This is something I always pray that will never have to happen to me or my loved ones – passing away without warning. But of course there’s nothing we can do if it does happen. So true – not putting off till tomorrow the things that really matter most.
    My condolences to your friend’s family.

    Jane: Chats, I also pray it does not happen to me but as you said, we cannot do anything about it. What we can do though is make every day count for us and our loved ones. I will convey your condolences.

  3. This is exactly the reason why I try to live life to the fullest and enjoy my kids’ company. Like is too short to hold back feelings, expressions and actions.

    Sorry for not dropping by often as my wife and I are now tutoring public school students. They are also using my pc for their reports and research. I will try and fix my schedule so I can visit diligently.

    Jane: You’re so right, bro. We need to say what needs to be said now; do what needs to be done now. As for your tutoring, what a great service you are doing for these public school students. Hats off to you and wife for walking the talk! Take your time fixing your sked. God bless! 🙂

  4. oh my! send my hugs to the children. may the Lord bring comfort to their hearts.

    Jane: Thanks Cess! I will convey your virtual hugs to the family when I see them again. Times like these and we really feel for the children’s loss.

  5. HI Jane, just stopped by today. We are starting our Griefshare program again on September 29. Maybe you would like to tell them about it? Might be helpful for the kids or the husband. My prayers for the loved ones left behind. And yes, when we keep in mind the brevity of life, we live life with more kindness and tolerance for one another. Take care.

    Jane: Hi Cathy, miss chatting with you! I will try to reach the husband and ask if he would like to attend your program…if not now (fresh as it is), maybe some time in the near future. Take care and I will get back to you. I am back to yoga! We still have that class to do! 🙂

  6. Oh, that is so sad, Jane. Yes, we do not know when death will come so it is best to live life fully and wisely. The little things that matter like those ones in the list you created should not be ignored. My prayers are for the family she left behind.

    Jane: Julie, we are thankful for reminders such as these because our busy-ness sometimes makes us forget….

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