2010: New Decade, New Self


To whoever designed this 2010 wallpaper: I owe a debt of gratitude to you. This is going to be my 2010 wallpaper and avatar in most of my social network sites.

A little flashback…

Those who know me from about 2 decades back know that I came from a different mold altogether.

Dad was an accountant. He had no chance to take the CPA exams so that dream must have been something I absorbed in my growing up years so much so that I followed his footsteps, albeit blindly. Along the way, I did have a chance to discover my creative side. Mom made sure I took piano, ballet and jazz lessons. Yes, I even did Tahitian dancing at one point.

I was not a nerd in school but studying hard was a habit that paid off as I graduated at the top of my class both in high school and college. Getting a job with the premier accounting firm then was not so difficult with grades like mine and I must say that staying with that firm for the next 16 years taught me even more about discipline, hard work, teamwork and many others. My determination to make it big in the corporate world got me a firm scholarship to an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania. Even when I left the firm to join a universal bank as head of its Corporate Planning Division, I carried those very same work ethics. Because of the intensity with which I worked, I almost lost my youngest son in a really bloody incident in Baclaran during a meeting. At one time, I spent Christmas Eve in the bank till past 6pm – practically the only one left on my floor.

So it was a great surprise to everyone who knew the workaholic ME when I submitted my resignation letter. Which company are you joining? How much more will they pay you? We will match whatever they offer you. You can be Chairwoman of this affiliate company, said the Chairman of the bank. To all these questions, I simply answered that I wanted to just become a homemaker for once and serve my family.

Friends made side bets i would not last 2 years. I should have made a hefty bet because I beat them by a decade.

Fast forward to the present…

3 years ago, I discovered blogging. I sort of dawdled the first 2 years, simply writing for its pure joy and creative outlet. But now, I am exploring that long inert, creative side of my self. I want to reinvent myself into a right-brained woman.

Let me ask you something: Have you ever wondered if your past life was a mistake or has hit a no-growth stage? Are you nursing a deep desire to change course, paddle elsewhere, find out if you still have it in you to do something different? Have you ever wanted to put more meaning into your life?

I have wondered. And I have nurtured a deep yearning to put more meaning into my life.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

I’m taking life as it comes now and I am amazed at the different opportunities that lie out there for people willing to give it a try. Just in 2009, I got myself into the following;

And more opportunities appear to be opening up in 2010 that will put to bear more writing assignments, among others. In the works also are plans to get more training in internet marketing/SEO and a not-to-be-missed creative workshop with Jim Paredes.

Pursuing it at this stage of life is easier, I guess, now that my kids are teens and adults. They are growing independent of me after years I spent with them, being active in their school activities. But I believe that pursuing the deepest passions in you have no right or wrong age. The time to start is always NOW.

Who knows where else this journey is taking me? I still can’t see the big picture.

But that picture above of the fluttering butterflies and flowers growing delightfully under a bright sun say it all. That’s how I want to reinvent my life –

New, exciting, sunshine-y, positive, growing, free-spirited, love-filled, and God-centered.

Are you also in the process of altering the direction of your life? In what way? I’d love to hear from you as well.

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0 thoughts on “2010: New Decade, New Self

  1. If I could be half the person you are Jane, I’d be grateful.

    You always seem to inspire me, I think there’s a whole great list of bloggers that I have grown to admire, you included.

    As much learning as you have to have in terms of your goals this year, I think your readers and followers in the online social networks will also learn as much from you.

    Here’s to a fruitful, prosperous, and most importantly, a Happy.. New Year

    God Bless!

    @Nick – You and a lot of my blogger friends your age have so many years ahead to do what I am just trying to do at my age. But I hope I never lose the enthusiasm to keep learning and learning and trying to do better for whatever years I still have ahead. Your own love for our country despite the distance has always kept me in awe. Truly, there are many Filipinos OUTSIDE the Philippines who love this country more than many of those within its territorial boundaries. You’re one of them. 🙂

  2. What an inspiring post! I have always perceived you to be such a sweet soul and I’m sure you will bless more hearts this 2010 more than before.

    God bless you even more po! 🙂

    @Jennie – Thanks! There is so much I can still learn from wonderful friends like you. Be patient with me, ok? 🙂

  3. You’re an inspiration Jane!

    I have always been telling myself that I am still a work in progress, that I am still young and the world has so much to offer.

    Left the corporate world (which I served for 10 years) back in August 2008 to be with my little girl and I must say that I made the right decision!

    Cheers to SAHM/WAHM bloggers like us!

    @entrepremom – Every time I come across a Mom who made a similar decision, it reaffirms that I did make the right choice. I admire you for your brave move. Cheers indeed!

  4. Happy New Year Jane! Your post reminds me of the phrase, “we make our own destiny”, and here you are proving it. If one wants to have an exciting and purposeful life, then pursue it with all might. More power to you and may you inspire more bloggers.


    @Janette – You’re one of those inspiring me to pursue a new direction. I hope to learn a lot more from you…

  5. It is a pleasure to find my design blogger in your page here
    You are already able to describe what I wanted to say in this painting.
    In the new year looking for life brighter and more distinctive

    I am very grateful to you and wish you a happy new year
    And Excuse me for my poor English

    @Al3odi Designer – I am the one deeply thankful for your artistic talent that produced such a beautiful and meaningful painting. Happy new year!

    With best wishes

  6. Hi, Jane..good to see you “re-inventing” your life, so to speak..it’s very inspiring! Hope to have the same opportunity soon..

    @Vajie – When you do, tell me about it. 🙂

  7. And your blog name is very apt for this “here’s to life !”

    Very inspiring post.
    Whatever you’ll be busy with, just keep on doing your best.

    One very good thing that resulted from being a blogger was that Aileen & I got to meet you… and the rest is history. Isn’t that great !

    Have a happy and fruitful 2010 !

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