Sassa Introduces its Summer Swimwear 2010

A good number of my yoga outfits are by Sassa. They look good, feel good, and wear good.

So when they invited me to take a look-see at their 2010 swimwear collection, I did not hesitate.

I took videos of the fashion show thinking I’d put them here but a very strong spotlight that some guy used during the entire show spoiled my entire video because none of the models’ faces showed up at all. Thankfully, I took some pictures of the collection they were featuring that night and came away with two very cute board shorts which I have already tried and love.

What I love about this line is the ability to mix and match. It’s no longer the case that top has to match bottom. We saw the models walk down the ramp with combinations of tops and bottoms in different colors. Beautiful! Now, if only I had the body…harhar!

Take a look at this sampling of their summer collection.

Sassa swim and activewear is available in department stores such as The Landmark Makati & Trinoma; Robinsons Department Store; SM Hypermart; Metro Market Market and in many department stores nationwide. In fact, when I was in Dumaguete, I shopped at Lee Plaza mall and found Sassa being sold there.

For many of their other products, check out their website at

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0 thoughts on “Sassa Introduces its Summer Swimwear 2010

  1. i like sassa a lot 🙂 they have a wide range of sizes which can accommodate skinny models and overweight individuals like myself 🙂

    @Ria – Yes, I super love their styles. I got 2 board shorts which I super love. I prefer them with bikini tops, rather than the bikini bottoms.

  2. Nice collection, But I didn’t see where I could buy this?

    @agua bendita – Sassa is almost everywhere. I’ve seen it at Landmark, Robinsons malls and SM malls. Even in provincial malls, you could chance upon them.

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