My Meralco electric meter is finally digital!

Today, a team representing themselves as being from Meralco, came to the house to change our electric meter. I had no advance notice about meter changes and seeing that this is Christmas time, I was a little wary at first. Was this for real or some scheme by no-good-doers?

Well, don’t worry. It is legit. The 2 people from Meralco (they came with proper identification) were here to replace my very old analog electric meter with a new one – this time, it’s digital!

Reading the meter will be so much easier for the Meralco meter readers since the clock-like representation of the numbers on the old analog meter will now be replaced by digital numbers. Also, in the old meter, the power usage indicator is the speed of the spinning disc inside the meter. In the digital meter, this is the digital numbers at the lower left of the meter.

My old analog meter

My new digital meter

To prevent tampering, Meralco attached their own seal on the meter.

Meralco seal

The meter switch only takes a few minutes. They’ll need to shut off power to your home during the change, that’s all.

The move to digital meters, I believe, is just the start of more services coming to Meralco’s consumers. E-services that are coming need to work with digital meters. Already, Meralco has announced that they will be introducing prepaid electricity.

It may be good to advise whoever are left in your homes that Meralco is changing meters so they don’t get alarmed especially during the holiday season. But always err on the side of caution and demand proper identification.

To read some of the digital services Meralco is looking into, check my post: Meralco: Innovating to Empower.

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10 thoughts on “My Meralco electric meter is finally digital!

  1. how much it will cost to change the electric meter ??? analog pa rin kasi anq meter namin sa bahay . wala naman kami masyadong gamit but still ang laki pa rin ng monthly bill namin. hoping for ur reply po … thank u !

  2. Hi Shey,

    I don’t think it will cost you anything. Meralco changes the meter for free. But, I think they schedule the change BY AREA. Hopefully, your area will be scheduled in the near future.

    To check what could possibly be causing your large electric bill, visit Meralco’s website ( Select “For Customers”. And on the leftmost sidebar, select “Meralco Appliance Calculator”. It will allow you to select appliances you may have, enter the number of hours the appliance runs, and it gives you an estimate of how much that costs you per month.

    The Meralco Appliance Calculator is also available as an app on iOS devices.

  3. How to read ba ng digital electric bill ng meralco?alin ba jan sa mga 2 digits na malaki at maliit ung actual usage mo ng kuryente in a month?thanks

  4. Hello,

    Do you know which in there could we see the actual consumption of electricity within a month?the larger digits or the small ones?thanks

    • Hi Marge. If I am not mistaken, the power usage is the smaller number on the lower left of the screen. On my digital meter shown above, the 545 represents the power usage carried over from my old meter. It is the starting point of the new meter.

  5. What is a power usage indicator? it’s on the lower left side of the meter the power usage indicator is it represented in amperes?

  6. hi, is it true that there’s a relocation fee kapag ang metromo ay ilalabas ng meralco sa poste sa kalsada? my brother is applyying for a new meter kase balak na namin mag hiwalay para kanya kanya na..then the meralco rep sabi kelangan daw ilabas ung old dun sa kalsada… ndi pa ko nakakadalaw sa meralco office kaya ndi ko maverify ito

  7. Hello, Rose. Sorry but I am not connected with Meralco. Please direct your question to any of their offices around the city. Thanks!

  8. we have a new house tapos ang binibill nila sa amin is 222k to have our house powered. bakit ganun kamahal? ganun ba talaga? tapos may fee pa na 55k. to think hindi naman building ang bahay namin. bahay lang talaga siya. nkakairita ang meralco.

  9. Hi, the numbers in the lower left of your digital meter is your realtime power consumption expressed in Kilowatts (KW). The higher the number, the bigger or more appliances are currently running inside your house.

    This is equivalent to the speed of the spinning disc in your past analog electric meter.

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